At the center of any high functioning application or digital process is the user. Regardless of how visually sleek or practically powerful any product might be, if the end user finds it awkward, frustrating or confusing, it is not delivering. This is where User Experience Design comes into play.

The Net Solutions User Experience Design team ensures that, at every step, our client's processes are desirable for the people who use them, whether they be employees or customers. We have the experience to ask the right UX questions: who is the final user? Why do they need this product? What level of knowledge do they have in using products like this? With this information, we move through a tried-and-tested design process in four steps.


  • 1. Information Architecture

    To ensure a solid and seamless user experience, your website, intranet, community or software needs to be easy to navigate. At this step, we concentrate on signposting the process with exacting attention-to-detail, making sure no user will hit a dead end.

  • 2. Interaction Design

    Working side-by-side with you and following your vision for your brand, we map out the interactions users will have with this product. This means we keep things compelling for the user, while never straying from the purpose of the process or your company's core values.

  • 3. Prototyping

    When we feel we have mapped things out to the fullest extent, it's time to deliver something actionable. Our team will bring the idea brilliantly to life, with a working prototype that you can then test out to its limits.

  • 4. User Testing

    The real proving ground for any product comes in the final step: the test. With highly focussed, carefully controlled user testing, every potential drawback and stumbling block in the user's journey will be identified and removed.

They're not just contractors; they're an extension of my in-house marketing team and live and breathe the Velti brand. I couldn't be more happy with the level of service, support and commitment I receive from Net Solutions.

Ina Murdock-Santos
Ina Murdock-Santos Vice President, Brand Management, Velti