How do you differentiate yourself from the competition in a busy market? The answer is service. More and more, companies around the world are starting to understand the limits of product focussed offerings. By putting the requirements of the customer first, they are improving the value of their service offerings for both themselves and their customers with innovative, future focussed service designs.

The Net Solution's Service Design team utilizes the Double Diamond approach to User Experience. Converging and diverging at different steps in the process, enables us to stay open and creative when needed and more focussed and honed at other times. Using cutting edge design research strategies, we craft empathy maps, customer journey maps and service blueprints that trace the customer journey at every touch point. Then, we deliver actionable prototypes that can be rigorously tested before you deploy the service in your business.


  • 1. Experience Strategy

    Design Thinking helps to develop a shared understanding of customers' viewpoints and emotions through user research, and helps ideate solutions that satisfy — and sometimes exceed — user needs and desires. We use remote and in-person interviews and micro-surveys to gather customer insights that help design service experiences that meet or exceed customers' expectations.

  • 2. Customer Journey Mapping

    A customer's experience is defined by a Customers every interaction with an organisation, not just with an application. Customers interact with companies across multiple discrete touch-points as they discover, evaluate, buy, access, use, and get support for a company's products and services. Customer journey maps — also known as experience maps — are documents that visually illustrate a customer's processes, needs, and perceptions over the course of their journey which helps us to understand and improve the customer's experience.

  • 3. Co-Creation

    At every stage in the process, supported by co-creation strategies, we keep the lines of communication clear between departments and teams, breaking down silos. We also keep the client informed and in the loop, including their feedback before moving to the next step and maintaining a smooth collaboration throughout.

  • 4. Prototyping and Testing

    We focus on making ideas tangible through quick and cheap low-fidelity prototypes. These can take a variety of forms ranging from pen and paper sketches to interactive browser based prototypes. Next, we put the prototypes in front of real customers and employees for feedback. Repeating this process of refining and testing, allows us to quickly arrive at an optimal solution.

Net Solutions helped us build software that enabled Banks and Pharmaceutical firms in US and Canada to engage their employees better using Digital Technologies.

Daniel Wolfe
Daniel Wolfe Director of R&D, ISAIX


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