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The Internet is accustomed to dynamic and high performance web sites and web apps. This lets you do anything in the browser, from simple things like quickly filling up forms to complex things like editing a photo, drawing an architectural diagram or viewing maps. This is made possible by using client side technologies like JavaScript and AJAX as well as newer technologies like HTML5/ CSS3.Some other advantages of these client side technologies are:

  • Users don't need to install any extra plug-ins or software as long as they are using a modern browser.
  • Processing happens on the client side which saves server resources and bandwidth.
  • Saves time and money since the same code gets reused and you don't have to write for each mobile platform separately
  • Web pages, even those packed with features will load quickly because of asynchronous loading.
  • Scripts written JavaScript can be inserted into pages written in other languages like HTML, PHP or Perl.

Using these technologies in your user facing assets can give people a rich browsing experience.

We have built both simple and complex rich Internet applications for different types of clients over the years. Depending on your needs we can create simple features that boost the functionality of your site or move up to full blown, JavaScript/AJAX powered experience.

We will make your front end look good. We will make your forms user friendly. We will secure user data with scripting best practices.

We think we can safely promise that your users will love the new look .

  • Bernd Strenitz

    We had a great experience with Net Solutions and would readily recommend it to our friends and colleagues who are building start-ups. The team was resilient and worked effectively with our agile/parallel sprints methodology. The programmers were very good, project management was very efficient and QC team was thorough. Our experience with designing was also great.

    Bernd Strenitz

    Founders at Cheetah LLC


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