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Net Solutions Launches Namo Bot– Find Everything About PM Modi

Net Solutions Launches Namo Bot– Find Everything About PM Modi
November 07, 2016

Amid the Chatbot wave that is fast catching up in the tech world, Net Solutions has recently launched a script-based news Bot which will provide all the news about the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The key advantage of the bot is that it provides all the information related to PM Modi in one interface saving the users from the hassles of flipping through different browsers or categorizing the search.

This Facebook Messenger chatbot includes quotes from Modi's speeches, excerpts from his most famous speeches, MOMs from Pragati meetings and other meetings and Mann Ki Baat podcasts. It provides access to categorized information spread across social media channels too. It also puts together related information in the form of YouTube videos, Twitter Trends as well as blogs relating to Modi.

The users need not enter specific keywords to get access to the information. Rather, the NamoBot will interact with the user in a chat outlay. The chatbot experience provides the user with a human touch which personalizes the search over a search engine experience. It shows limited and the most significant information at a given point in time which prevents information overload and allows coherent access to the desired data.

Information from multiple platforms and social media channels is amalgamated into a single platform which is conducive to saving the user's time and efforts.

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