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Net Solutions Launches 3 New Magento Plugins For Product Recommendations

Net Solutions Launches 3 New Magento Plugins For Product Recommendations
November 25, 2016

As retailers have realized the potential of Predictive Analytics in understanding customer behavior, they are also trying to make the most of this technology for product recommendations.

They spike sales by presenting the most relevant products to the customers and since Magento leads the E-commerce platforms, we, at Net Solutions, have developed three plug-ins that will boost product recommendations. These plugins send recommendations based on order history (product lifecycle), local weather in customer's location and incomplete purchases.

Plugin 1: Order History Based

This order history-based plugin involves order history and the shelf-life of the product while framing the recommendations and also includes email segmentation. This extension is designed to drive sales with product lifecycles that will help one-time buyers become repeat customers. This plug-in would be very effective for E-commerce stores selling medicines, bakery and grocery products, beverages and so on.


  • There is an option of showing "Upsell" and "Cross-Sell" products.
  • This extension will send emails to customers as a reminder that their product will soon expire and give suggestions for repeat purchase.
  • Customers can select products via flexible attribute conditions.
  • You can display block on any page anywhere within the website or page.
  • Position within the website and the page as per your theme.
  • Also gives various display options to choose from.

Plugin 2: Search History Based

This search-history based plugin helps to target customers or potential customers who searched for a certain product but didn't complete the purchase because of some reason. This plug-in also saves the user's browsing time since his product requirements will only be recommended. It will prove to be very useful for fashion, pharmacy and retail industries.


  • This extension is a product recommendations widget that helps to improve traffic and conversation by helping customers see more products from your inventory that are most relevant to them based on their past search history
  • This plug-in will engage customers and increase the time the potential customers spend on your website.
  • The plug-in can be positioned on your website's home page and can be customized according to the look and feel of the block by giving showcase name as per your choice
  • A certain number of recommended products can be set under the admin
  • The settings provided in the extensions are very flexible and will ease the use of extension.

Plugin 3: Season Based

This seasons-based extension will reduce customer forgetfulness and browsing effort by suggesting the most relevant products to your customers as per their local climate. This plug-in which can be positioned on the home page assists in personalizing the shopping experience for the customers. This extension will be very useful for E-commerce stores dealing with Fashion, retail, bakery, marketplace.


  • This extension will allow you to deliver a more personalized experience by sending product recommendations based on the prevalent season (weather) where the customers are located.
  • Position within the home page as per your theme customize the look and feel of block by giving showcase name as per your choice
  • Assign different banners to different seasons that will be visible on homepage as per the local season.
  • Set a specific number of recommended products under admin settings. The settings provided in the extensions are very flexible that will ease the use of extension.
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