Why the folks at Net Solutions love their new campus so much

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Why the folks at Net Solutions love their new campus so much Smi_f

The journey of Net Solutions began in a small office in Panchkula, India. Within a year of its foundation, Net Solutions moved to the incubation center of Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh. The time spent at the PEC incubation center helped Net Solutions rise from ground-up and establish itself as a force to reckon with.


Punjab Engineering College Incubation Centre (SPIC): 2001 – 2005

The next stop was a new office space in the DLF campus at the heart of Chandigarh IT Park, in 2005. It brought Net Solutions right in the middle of the action, with big players like IBM and Infosys as our neighbors.


DLF Campus: 2005 – August 2013

Eventually, after more than 13 years, having worked for more than 3,000 clients, and delivering 10,000+ projects, Net Solutions moved to its very own office space, located at the IT hub of Chandigarh, The Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (RGCTP).


New Campus: September 2013 Onwards

Although, the new Net Solutions building is a stone’s throw away from the old office in the DLF campus, it far exceeds the look and feel of the old office. With plush interiors, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, and spacious work and leisure area, the new office certainly reflects the amount of hard work and dedication that has been put in by the management and the employees during the past 13 years.

Here are the key highlights of the new Net Solutions office.

Improved collaboration

One key issue most Net Solutions employees faced in the old building was the scarcity of meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

Well, I can tell you that our new office is specifically generous in this aspect. There are more meeting rooms, conference halls and collaboration areas in the new building than the entire old office space combined.



The ability to collaborate, anytime, anywhere in the office gives you a perfect platform to coordinate with each other, which in turn promotes a constructive and collaborative work environment,” says Akash Lomas.

Increased productivity


I’m sure you would agree with me in that a better work environment helps boost workplace productivity. And a lot of my co-workers at Net Solutions are already experiencing positive effects of the work environment at our new office.


Ashok K. Sharma puts ‘improved collaboration’ in context with ‘workplace productivity’, “With enough meeting rooms and collaboration spaces around, there’ll be no more wasted hours. In the old office, a considerable amount of productive time was lost in booking the meeting room and waiting for your turn to collaborate.”

Perfect balance between work and leisure

A perfect balance between work and leisure is the by-product of a great workplace. The large cafeteria, break-out areas, lounges, and upcoming recreational areas provide a perfect way to unwind.


Divyadeep Sharma has even coined a term ‘un-conference room‘ for the recreational room, adjoining the actual ‘conference room’ on the ground floor. What else can be a better example of how our new office maintains a perfect balance between work and leisure.


It’s been only two weeks since we shifted to the new office, so the recreational rooms are still waiting to be fully-equipped. We are actually not sure what’s in store for us.


Till then, Rahul Gupta awaits the opening of gym, so that he can pump some iron.

A positive aura


The new office has a positive feeling about it. “The artwork and inspirational quotes from the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg keeps us motivated. The best part is these quotes and messages have been precisely placed for the teams they are relevant to,” affirms Divyadeep Sharma.


Neeraj Dhull specifically likes the personal whiteboards provided on all desks. “I use my whiteboard to scribble random thoughts that keep me inspired, apart from writing notes and creating To-Do lists” he adds.

I get a perfect view of the sunset from my desk, which helps relieve the stress. I call it ‘The Sunset Point’,” claims Harpal Boparai.

More confidence in the organization


With the global economy in disarray and constant downsizing across IT companies, we often feel insecure about our career. However, moving to a bigger and more organized office space has reinforced the feeling of a brighter future among us all.


We are seeing better growth opportunities after moving to the new building. It’s quite apparent that Net Solutions is all geared up to scale up in the near future,” points out Saurabh, Manpreet Kaur, Dilip Kumar, Jyoti Aneja and Arpit Singh.

My confidence in the organization has increased. Having office space of your own is definitely better than working in a rented space,” states Sachin Verma.


A final thought

Apart from the things mentioned above, our new office is equipped with high-tech security system and it has a multi-level parking space. The ergonomic chairs make the long sitting hours less stressful.


Ashok K. Sharma points out, “I’ve worked with several big organizations earlier, but the infrastructure in our new office is better than the most.”

There’s lot more to talk about our new office. However, I’ll cut it short here and leave it for you all to add comments and share more personal experiences about our new office.

Rohit Dogra

About the Author

Rohit Dogra leads Marketing at Net Solutions. He is an evangelist for Inbound Marketing and has a rich experience (close to a decade) in various roles which includes Marketing, Presales, Sales and Business Development. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences while consulting his clients on developing web and mobile based solutions for their business. He also loves to spend a lot of time with fellow colleagues, share his experiences with them as well as learn from their experiences in life. When he is not working, he loves to spend time with his son, cycle around the city and going for long walks. You can reach him via Twitter, his twitter handle is @rohitdogra

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Tommy O

4:11 PM, Sep 24, 2013

Sameer, your team has come a long way since almost 15 years ago, still doing incredible work and what a great friendly staff, i will always highly recommend!!

Your friends in Florida, USA

Jatin Sadana

4:41 PM, Sep 18, 2013

It was best part of my professional life when i joied Net Solutions. I didn't get a chance to work much there due to my family problem but i always find that place awesome. Working with such high-end people like Abhay Sir and Ravneet sir really groomed me and my skills a lot. I would love to join Net Solutions in future if I really get a chance. New office really super awesome and i hope the environment helps boost workplace productivity. ALL THE VERY BEST

Sachin Gupta

9:19 AM, Sep 17, 2013

It was really amazing phase of my life working in Netsol. I Wish all the very best to Net Solutions.

Sachin Gupta

9:10 AM, Sep 17, 2013

It was really amazing face of my life working in Netsol. Wish all the very best.

Michael Birklein

7:53 PM, Sep 16, 2013

Congratulations Net Solutions. The space looks amazing. I hope to come and see it in person soon.

Divyadeep Sharma

11:08 AM, Sep 16, 2013

It is said that in pure architecture the smallest detail should have a meaning or serve a purpose. That is exactly what our shiny new campus is based on!

Vishal Gupta(java)

11:02 AM, Sep 16, 2013

We like new premises because it is calm and innovative , ideal place for work day and night with full enthusiasm in order to increasing the GDP of India and improve the economy of India.


10:52 AM, Sep 16, 2013

I remember my first day at NetSol when I joined in PEC campus and the day when we moved to the IT Park.. good old days.. Its nostalgic reading this article.. wishing good luck to NetSol family..

Mayank Johar

10:57 PM, Sep 13, 2013

World class facilities with a great working culture. Every new day is as exciting as the previous one!! Proud feeling!!


8:55 PM, Sep 13, 2013

It feels great to be a part of NS.

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