Why Kentico CMS is the preferred choice of Enterprise and Business worldwide

Choosing a right content management system (CMS) is a hard nut to crack. With a multitude of vendors offering some standout features in their CMS, it gets really puzzling to determine what would be a perfect fit for your web platform.

 There are several considerations that need to be made, such as ease of use, functionality, security, scalability, and support. Once you have made up your mind about the features, you get stuck at choosing the right pricing/licensing model. In the end you realize that the features you need don’t fit into the model you can afford. Eventually, you end up paying extra price for the one feature you really want.

However, there’s one CMS that offers standout features, is ‘enterprise-ready’, and highly scalable – Kentico CMS. Kentico is a highly flexible platform with an easy-to-use user interface. It’s now being used by more than 16,000 websites in 90 countries.

Kentico clients include Microsoft, Guinness, McDonald’s, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Brussels Airlines, Mazda, Ford, Subaru, Isuzu, Samsung, Gibson, ESPN, DKNY, Abbott Labs, Medibank, and others. With offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Czech Republic and more than 1,100 partners in 80 countries, Kentico is one of the industry leaders worldwide.

What is Kentico CMS

Kentico is a Web Content Management System and Customer Experience Management System, based on Microsoft ASP.NET platform that provides extensive features to build websites, e-commerce solutions, intranets, and web 2.0 community sites. Kentico CMS has a fully documented API that lets you create your own web parts, modules, providers, event handlers, and other extensions to suit your unique requirements.

In addition, Kentico supports mobile websites, SEO, document management, online marketing tools, multilingual websites, and multisite management.

Some of the key highlights of the Kentico CMS are:

  • Easy to Use Core CMS Features
  • Flexible Website Development Platform
  • Over 1,200 Partners in 80+ Countries
  • Fully Customizable Design with Mobile Support
  • End-To-End Online Marketing Solution
  • Highly Flexible E-Commerce Platform
  • Online Communities
  • Enterprise Blogging
  • Discussion Forums
  • Intranet, Portals & Collaboration
  • Highly Responsive 24/7 Support

Kentico Licensing Models


In addition to these standard licensing models, Kentico also offers licensing models based on number of websites and servers.

Visit the Kentico website for more details about Kentico Licensing options.

What makes Kentico standout from other Content Management Systems

A very comprehensive range of features covering most of the CMS requirements scenarios


To begin with, Kentico truly stands out for the range of features it offers in a single package. Right from advanced content management solution to online marketing solution, social networking, intranets, e-commerce solution, enterprise blogging, web analytics, and SEO, Kentico covers almost everything you can expect from a content management solution.

In addition, Kentico offers 340 configurable web parts and over 40 modules to build corporate websites, e-shops, social networking platforms, and intranets.

User-friendly, intuitive interface


One of the highly anticipated elements in any content management system is its graphical user interface (GUI). Though many CMS vendors talk about user-friendly interface, with no need for technical know-how, but eventually, all these CMS turn out to be a nightmare for non-technical users.

Kentico exceeds the expectations when it comes to ease-of-use. It has a clean user interface that makes managing content a delightful experience. The ‘CMS Desk’ enables you to easily edit, preview, schedule, and archive content. Plus, there’s an MSWord like WYSIWYG editor that doesn’t make text editing an alien activity. The editor even detects the text pasted from a word document, and formats it for you.

Ability to use customizable design templates

With Kentico CMS, there are no limits to what you can do with your website’s design. You can fully customize the page templates and even enhance them with your code, controls, and web parts.

Case in Point

Here’s an evidence of the design customization capabilities of Kentico CMS. At Net Solutions, we designed Run To The Beat website for IMG, the global leader in sports, fashion and media. The website won the Kentico Site of the Year Award for 2012, in the Travel and Event Site Category.


Unmatched security


Security is one very important factor that differentiates Kentico from most of the CMS, especially open source CMS. This is also one of the primary reasons why Kentico is preferred by Businesses and Enterprise worldwide.

Kentico is very particular about their security features, and they provide out-of-the-box security with an ability to fully customize the authentication system to meet your varied needs. Kentico security integrates a granular security mechanism based on standard ASP.NET security features, which also supports SSL/HTTPS.

Easy to recode and customize


Kentico has been designed keeping in mind the needs of global web developers and their customers. In addition to the standard features, you can add extra functionalities by customizing the core CMS engine (only in the source code version). You can also modify the system behavior using custom handlers and providers, add your own codes, and create your own modules.

Besides, you can easily access every feature in Kentico CMS through its application programming interface (API). So basically, you can call the features from you code to read or modify the content, user accounts, site configuration, or any other setting.

Highly responsive support

Kentico has a 7 days bug fixing policy which is backed by a highly responsive 24/7 support team. Apart from the strong features, architecture, and scalability, Kentico users talk highly of the technical support provided by the Kentico staff.

Huge community of developers, users, and partners

Kentico has a highly active users’ and developers’ community, spread across 80+ countries, which ensures that you are not developing a Kentico-based solution in isolation.

Kentico also has a large network of experienced solution partners, training partners, hosting partners, and technology partners across 80+ countries, creating Kentico-based web platforms for startups, agencies, and large enterprises.


Apart from the factors mentioned above, organizations prefer Kentico CMS for its content staging model that allows organizations to host content on a staging server before pushing it live. Others like it for the depth of user interface personalization it offers.

Net Solutions is a Kentico Certified Partner, and we have delivered several Kentico-based solutions to our clients, including Run To The Beat and Rugby World Cup. We prefer Kentico for our CMS development projects involving large enterprises and intranet portals, keeping in mind the robust security platform it offers, in addition to the ability to manage multiple websites and user types from a common CMS, with end-to-end integration of e-commerce solutions, social networking, online marketing, and intranet collaboration.

To sum it up, Kentico proves to be an ideal content management solution to meet all your content management needs. Moreover, Kentico CMS looks promising with some exceptional features planned for their future releases. Go through the Kentico Roadmap to learn more about what’s in store in the forthcoming Kentico releases.

Kentico screenshots

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