Digital Commerce in Times of COVID-19

Most economies and businesses are entering the third month of the pandemic and its dire effects. For several industry leaders, it has been a period of continuous contemplation and significant modifications to keep the business up and running. However, amid these shifting tides, 82% of businesses are optimistic about the growth of their eCommerce sales post the crisis.

COVID-19 has led to a rethinking of strategies and identifying fresh opportunities in the altered business landscape for digital commerce. The road to recovery calls for decisive actions.

Hancocks is an interesting example of a B2B company that has been able to scale its business during the pandemic using innovative methods.

Join Gareth Walbyoff, Head of eCommerce, Hancocks, and Abhi Garg, Chief Revenue Officer, Net Solutions, to learn how digital transformation is helping businesses navigate through the current crisis, and the importance of building remote teams for continued business operations.

Siddhartha Dhiman

About the Author

Siddhartha is an experienced IT professional with over 14 years of experience in Product Management functions that include Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation, Operation Management, Product Support, and Lead Generation. At Net Solutions, he's leading Inbound Marketing and work on content marketing strategies focused specifically around CRMs, CMSs, and Product Development. In his free time not very disconnected from the digital - he loves to binge-watch Netflix.

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