Summarizing our Webinar on Retaining and Engaging Customers through Personalization


When the 2016 US Elections concluded shockingly, no one could comprehend the reason behind the increased polarization of Democrats and Republicans. The former, emerging from a victorious run, were thrilled. However, being on the losing side, the Democrats had little to cheer for, and this aided the growing digital distance between the two parties.

The political forces jumped on this new trend, allowing them to reach out to their supporters on one platform. Clearly disengaged from the other parties, people were now more responsive to Tweets, posts, and people who aligned with their political ideology. Unlike before, the voters were being served the political dish they wanted and nothing else. Political personalization on the digital front had worked.


The above graph, with Democrats in Blue and Republicans in Red, depicts how polarised our the two political groups online in their interactions, showcasing foundational idea of personalization in retaining and engaging one’s audience. Give users what they need, where they need it, and whenever they need it.

Collaborating with Forrester, Net Solutions hosted its third webinar on ‘Retaining and Engaging Customers through Personalization’. Abhi Garg, head of Products and Digital Business at Net Solutions and Somak Roy, senior analyst serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals from Forrester, co-hosted the webinar that focused on practices, methodologies, and technologies facilitating a personalized user experience for digital consumers across the globe.

Understanding the customer

Over 60-million, or every fifth person in the United States, makes an online purchase. These online purchases amount to billions of dollars in trade. The challenge for most e-commerce enterprises lies in finding the right customer, understanding their needs, and creating an elaborate marketing strategy to meet their requirements.

With location-based marketing in play and the availability of extensive user data, enterprises can gain an in-depth understanding of their consumers, enabling them to innovate and improvise.

Defining the objective

For an enterprise to go digital in its pursuits, the objective must be clearly defined. Taking a cue from the knowledge obtained by decoding extensive user data, e-commerce ventures must define the objective of their marketing strategies, virtual solutions, and most importantly, user experience.

23% of the online audience is willing to share their personal data in lieu of relevant advertisements, so enterprises have the opportunity to create the ideal user experience, catered to the personal needs of their existing and potential customers.


Crafting the ideal strategy

With strategies being critical in the customer journey, starting from advertising all the way to payment gateways, e-commerce ventures and other online enterprises must inculcate numerous aspects into their strategy. These include content, design, insights, product development, and most importantly, privacy.

Moving away from the conventional idea of UX/UI, enterprises are now inculcating security and data protection to create a personalized user design, and with GDPR becoming legislation next year, enterprises will be required to customize their design to engage, retain, and secure their customers.


Technology and the future of personalization

With knowledge, objectives, and strategies in play, enterprises must employ the ideal technologies to create an impeccable user experience catered to the personal needs of the consumer, to facilitate acquisition in the short-term, and retention for enhanced revenues.


The buck does not stop at personalization; a higher-dimension is now set to take control of how users respond to e-commerce ventures, their products and solutions, and their strategies. Individualization, or personalizing the user experience at a microeconomic level, is not going to change how we view UX/UI, but how critical design thinking works.

For the ones who are looking to learn more about retaining and engaging an audience through personalization, and how it will change design thinking for good, we recommend the link to stream our webinar and get in touch with Net Solutions, for solutions in numerous platforms.

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