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After months of speculation Apple finally launched the iPad, designed to fill the perceived gap between a smartphone and a laptop. It is believed to be better than a laptop at browsing the web and that could play games, movies, music and more. All these features put the Apple’s iPad in direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle, or a few steps ahead of it. The iPad looks more like a giant iPod/iPhone that runs all iPhone apps in the App Store. It can connect via USB to sync with your PC or Mac, play HD video and a lot more. The killer feature by far has been the price. The iPad was expected to cost about 1000 USD, however the starting price of the iPad is just 499 USD which is about same as Amazon’s Kindle DX.

Read about the technical specs for iPad.

With the release of iPhone SDK 3.2 beta, the iPhone development community has already started working on the iPad applications. Apple’s iPad boasts of advanced hardware in terms of its processing power which includes Apple’s own chip called the A4. It is exciting for developers with iPhone apps already on sale is that Apple has made the transition up to iPad as smooth as possible.

Since the device’s interface is essentially a facsimile of the iPhone, developers won’t have to worry about creating new icons or other assets in order to port the app across. In fact, as stated by Apple, the iPad can run all iPhone apps unmodified out of the box. Just like the user experience is somewhat like a big iPhone, development will take place within the iPhone SDK and – thanks to the device’s app scaling feature – developers won’t even have to worry about creating content in the larger device’s resolution.

Since many industry experts see the launch of Apple’s iPad as a direct competition to Amazon’s Kindle, it is worthwhile to evaluate how it is going to impact the e-books and publishing businesses. The iPad has its own bookstore: iBooks which will serve as a native application for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. It will allow the users to browse, buy, download and read e-books. At launch, five book publishers will have publications on iBooks: Penguin, McGraw-Hill, Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins, Macmillian and Hachette.

It will be interesting to see how the iPad unfolds in comparison to other devices like HP Slate, Asus Eee Tablet and others. With the roll out of the new SDK for iPad applications along with the iBooks application, Apple certainly holds a definitive edge over other competitors.

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