The explosion of Enterprise Mobility

The explosion of Enterprise Mobility

The world is getting faster and smaller as commerce is conducted within the global village and businesses of all sizes and across all sectors is able to leverage the power of technology to help them achieve more than ever before.

Long gone are the days of being tied to the office and even the concept of traditional meetings are slowly being eclipsed as we no longer have such a strong need to be in any one single locations, the physical ties of technology are being lifted and the era of enterprise mobility is freeing the world to do more, be more and have more by being truly agile.

Mobility has always been a technological goal and with SIP, IP and multimedia desk phones it has helped immensely while we have had a need to be in the office but now that is being taken to the next level. The mobile evolution has ensured that enterprise mobility has accelerated our efficiency by allowing us almost complete freedom of movement. All businesses are now able to leverage the power of mobile communications to help stay connected wherever and however suits them.

With outsourcing being a common solution with so many associated benefits and bricks and mortar businesses not being as essential in a virtual world the workforce has followed suit and also to some extent become virtual. With a remote or visual team then it is vitally important to have the right communication tools to keep everyone connected. Above and beyond that, it needs to be applicable across the whole team so enterprise mobility also needs to be simple and effective.

Tablets and Smartphone use is accelerating at a rapid rate and again, these tools work seamlessly and utilise the power of enterprise mobility to keep them connected, add to this the advancement of IP communications and you can see why the shift is already starting to happen to a truly mobile workforce.

This does not mean we will all be satellites working independently, there are the social and business realities of having a place of work, a 100% mobile workforce may be a reality for some businesses in the very near future but really enterprise mobility is about having that choice and freedom to be productive no matter where you are at any given time. It is designed to increase productivity and eliminate frustrations. It is designed to be effective both when employees are out on the road a lot or just on occasions.

Enterprise mobility saves time, we can work while we are on the go, we can log in remotely to servers reduces stress, remote access means that your employees can have all the tools necessary whenever and wherever they are working on demand. This makes for them being happier and more productive.

Some examples of enterprise mobility software would include things such as videoconferencing, telepresence systems, enterprise social networks and collaborative workgroup software to name a few. Enterprise mobility, working well, working harder and better for every business who chooses to embrace it.


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