Five Signs Your Business is Ready for a Digital Transformation

5 Signs Your Business is Ready for a Digital Transformation

Digital Technologies’ are deeply involved in changing the face of the business environment today. Digital transformation is taking the world by a storm.

With the rise of Digitization over the last decade, the organizations are shifting their focus more on lean, data-driven decision making for strategic problem-solving in order to provide a better customer experience.

In simple words, organizations are looking for ‘Digital Transformation.’

However, instead of following the digital rat race to quickly transform your digital strategy, focus on an important parameter: ‘Readiness’. This is because successful digital transformation requires an organization’s readiness more than anything else.

In this blog, we have listed a few signs that would indicate that your organization is ready for a digital transformation. So here’s the Digital Transformation Readiness Checklist for your Organization:

1. Your Organization is Agile

Agility in business means the capability of an organization to rapidly adapt to the change in an efficient and effective manner. One of the vital principles of agility is that it pre-supposes an innovative culture, means that the organization not just embraces the change but actively seeks it out too.

Successful transformation will pave the way for some major changes in the way you do business, and maximizing the benefits from your digital transformation will depend on recognizing the opportunities for change, especially to business models. Thus, being ‘Agile’ is one of the key signals that your organization is ready to embrace digital transformation.

2. Ready with the Right Management


The right management helps an organization drive growth by converting the traditional analog business to digital ones. Digital transformation success for any organization starts from the top! The leadership team must be clear with what they want to achieve before the mission can be driven down. The transformation process should be aligned with the customer needs, wants and priorities with digital at the core.

The management’s role is to develop and transform the business and extend it beyond its current enterprise boundaries. That’s where the real benefits are. Thus, if your organization is ready with the right management with the right mindset, implies you are ready to embark upon the digital transformation journey.

3. The Organization is Ready for an Extensive Process

Impatience is one of the surest hurdles that can kick your organization out of the right transformation track. If you set on the path of digital transformation with a timescale, then surely reaching the destination will become one of the hardest tasks for you.

The reason that digital transformation is an extensive process is that technology will continue to advance rapidly and so will be the user behavior, making you play the ‘Catch Up’ game.

Remember, once you have embarked upon this journey, there is no destination; instead, you should shift your focus on to the pace of your transformation because:

“The light at the end of the tunnel is not the sunshine but the tail-light of technology and all that it drives.” ~ Karl Havard

Therefore, if you are ready for an exciting and fruitful extensive process, means you are all set for the digital transformation of your organization.

4. Aligned IT Department


To put a truly digital business into place, clients must be thinking about business and IT not as separate entities, but as inextricably entwined. No business goal should be made without considering the technology solutions and services that will help meet it, and no technology should be implemented without a solid business/use case in mind.

Thus, if your organization’s goals are aligned with operations and IT at the same time, implies your business is ready for a digital transformation.

5. Approaching with a Mindset of Business Transformation


Digital transformation of an organization does not just include minute changes in the manual or the digital processes of the organization, but in many cases, it can lead to an entire modification or a total re-invention of the major processes of the business including core technology systems, operating processes, and even the business models.

Even Forrester puts forward its view that “ most digital transformation efforts are too timid and that enterprises need to recognize that evolving to a true digital value proposition isn’t just about digital…”

Hilton, for instance, had the vision to allow their customers to unlock doors through their app. However, they not just faced software product development challenges, rather also faced the challenge of changing tens of thousands of locks at their properties as well as re-training the facility teams on how to properly repair and maintain the new locks.

Thus, if your mindset is clear that such a transformation also leads to the entire business transformation, then it is a good sign to hire a digital experience agency that can help you achieve your digital transformation goal.


Digital technology, despite its seeming ubiquity, has only begun to penetrate most industries. As it continues its advancement, the implications for revenues, profits, and opportunities will be dramatic and profuse.

Keeping these points in mind will allow businesses to better assess if they are truly ready for a digital transformation, equipping them to make the big move. Further, a well-structured plan can help them efficiently digitize their organization and sail through the journey of digital transformation, smoothly.

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Akash Lomas

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Akash is a Technical Architect with an extensive experience in MS stack. He is passionate about architecting solutions, coding and enhancing process delivery. He envisages a foolproof solution and holds no bar in achieving his goals. Besides, he is a loving father and is very fond of spending time with his son. He believes in keeping the child alive within himself.

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