Competing in the Post Digital World – Expert Talk by Bhavish Sood

Competing In The Post Digital World - Expert Talk by Bhavish Sood

In today’s cut-throat business environment, Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ theory befits perfectly well. Today, going digital is not rocket science, but achieving a high level of digital maturity is a thorny journey, which most of the businesses have achieved. So, what’s next? Are we ready to compete in the Post Digital world?

Today at Net Solutions, Bhavish Sood, Partner at VC Fund BlueSky Capital, shared his insights on the subject in a very involved discussion, portraying practical examples, and laying emphasis upon significant technology trends that will reshape and define the post-digital era.

The session began with a reminder to the attendants about businesses’ previous focus on digital transformation primarily using SMAC—social, mobile, analytics, and cloud—with a dilemma that these are individual digital technologies. He underlined that these technologies instead have to be used at the intersection to understand consumers at unprecedented depth.

Bhavish explained through the examples of Uber and Volvo that as we enter the post-digital era, the next set of technologies every business will need to master, along with SMAC, are Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Printing, and Digital Experience Platforms, which are invading the today’s digital ecosystem. Moving to OYO and Airbnb as examples, he explained how they have embraced digital technologies.

He moved ahead pointing towards the importance of Artificial Intelligence and IoT in post-digital era quoting:

Without these, you really are not building any digital platform. If you don’t have these two capabilities inculcated in your new applications, you are actually building, for the lack of a better word, a glorified web application.

He ran a small workshop for all the attendants towards the end of the presentation to give an idea about how to incorporate these technologies in the post-digital ecosystem.

The post-session Q&A was insightful as he dove deeper into the concepts, trends, and technologies to answer various questions fielded to him. He acknowledged a comment that perhaps “Post Digital Era” has a better name as “Pre Quantum Era”.

Key Takeaways

The pace at which technology is changing and invading the today’s business environment, it is pushing us to move one step ahead from the digital age towards a new era, which Accenture predicts will be the post-digital era.

In this post-digital era, entrepreneurs will need to shift their focus beyond their ongoing digital transformations towards modern collaboration tools for product management and newer technologies that have reached the shore of digital world — Voice Commerce, AR/VR, NLP, Quantum Computing and Blockchain.

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