Top Digital Transformation Insights Of 2016 That Every Business Should Care About


We are living in a digital world which is highly dynamic. One of the greatest advantages of technology is that it allows us to push resources to the limits and motivate us to develop better and better content. Not only do our readers want a never-stopping stream of information but also want them at their fingertips.

It has been our responsibility to create valuable insights for our readers to help them catch the latest and most relevant in the digital world. For some, technological development is not just something exciting and wearable. It has become their passion, their job.

In case you missed out on reading them during the year, we have a curated a list for you. Here is a list of our 10 most widely-read digital insights of 2016 which are likely to remain relevant in 2017 too, in view of their subject, depth and value. Take a look.

1. How eCommerce Replatforming Can Transform Your Business Completely


Catching pace with the world’s digital trends is the only way to make a solid ground for your business. For the survival of your eCommerce business you need re-platforming. Essentially, re-platforming is all about moving from your current digital business operations from one eCommerce platform to another in the hopes of gaining headway in an increasingly disrupted and complex digital marketplace. This blog will tell you about the benefits of moving to a new eCommerce platform and the industry best practices to re-platform in an effective and efficient manner. Read more.

2. How Discovering Mobile Moments Across Your Customer’s Journey Can Lead To Happy Customers


Mobile moments are those moments of need when customers pull out their mobile devices to get what they want, in context and speed. And these are those times on mobile which marketers must capitalize on. Marketers should make use of these I-want-to-know, I-want-to-buy, I-want-to- go, I-want-to-do moments to engage with customers in a better way by being there, quick, and relevant whenever customers head to the web using mobile devices. This blog will tell you about seizing the mobile moments and making the most out of them to win customer delight. Read more.

3. Understanding Why A Customer Journey Map Is So Essential For A Delightful Digital Experience


Customer journey map is one of the most powerful ways of knowing the needs of your customers. By crafting a “customer journey map” that covers each and every step of an interaction of a customer with your digital product, you can ensure that your digital products and services always meet – and exceed – the needs and desires of these online consumers. This blog will tell you what is a customer journey map, its prime benefits and how to create one effectively. Read more.

4. How Gamification Can Take Digital Employee Engagement To The Next Level


Are you bored with the regular way of your work? Are you emotionally engaged in your work? To get motivated and to enhance your stamina you should know about gamification. Gamification is a scientific and technology-driven process/ method that combines the use of technology in motivating the employees to score points in the game as a personal challenge. The method of gamification involves badges, leader boards, and points for rewards, achievement, and recognition. This blog will help you understand how and why gamification works well in digital employee engagement, issues gamification can resolve and how to leverage gamification in digital employee engagement. Read more.

5. How Personalization Can Deliver A Great Customer Experience


Instead of bombarding the buyers with information about parakeets, when they own goldfish, methods of advertising are being cultivated that directly market to a customer based on their needs. Retailers are now being able to advance from mapping shopping to predicting shopping decisions by assessing Big Data. This makes way for the personalization strategy. This blog will tell you in depth about the role and impact of personalization and how to get it right in your business. Read more.

6. POC vs MVP And Why Confusing Them Could Be A Mistake


There is a fundamental difference between a POC and MVP. A POC is largely a tool to determine the technical and design challenges. An MVP, on the other hand, is a concept that not only defines the product design or but also answers all technical questions and tests fundamental business hypotheses. The current blog uses examples to help you have a clear understanding of the differences between the two concepts and also explains why does this differentiation matter. Read more.

7. Top Challenges Before CIOs While Building Scalable Mobile Apps


Building an enterprise application is not an easy undertaking, especially, if you want to ensure a great user experience with minimal blockages in the flow of information. Applications that are designed to be used in a corporate or professional environment are bound to be built with a special strategy. An enterprise app needs to be scalable, complex, mission critical and distributed amongst a number of users. This blog will explain to you the key essentials of an enterprise strategy to build an app your employees would love to use. Read more.

8. A Step By Step Guide To Develop A Conversational Facebook ChatBot Using Microsoft Bot Framework


BOTS are the conversational agents that live inside our messaging platforms. For example, Facebook messenger and slack. Experts have already termed this as an era of ‘conversational apps’. Bots have mushroomed and they are everywhere. The new avatar ‘bots’ with ‘intelligent context’ have made them the ‘best bet’ to succeed apps & websites. Consequently, Microsoft rolled out its own framework ‘Microsoft Bot Framework’ to induce a good push to DEV. This blog post simply explores How to set up Bot with MS Framework. Read More.

9. How Data Visualization Can Help You Take Better Decisions For Your Business


Visualizing data using the appropriate techniques can reveal insights which the decision-makers can incorporate in their decision-making pipeline in order to make informed decisions which are driven by data. This blog will bring out the core business benefits of data visualization for you. Read more.

10. Demystifying How Businesses Can Leverage Chatbots: A Podcast by Abhi Garg, Head of Products and Digital Strategy at Net Solutions


In view of the rising business potential of Chatbots in different domains, VachSoch, a leading platform for interdisciplinary learning and applications, collaborated with various speakers including Net Solutions through Chatbots news and recently launched a series of botcasts. A botcast was conducted with Abhi Garg, Head of Products, at Net Solutions on “Chatbots for Business”, covering how chatbots can help increase bottom-line profits, how businesses can customize bots and leverage them and where all can bots be fitted well. This blog will feature the audio podcast as well as the detailed transcripts. Read More.


Here you have them, the 10 digital insights to follow right away. Take a few minutes to read them and stay updates and share them further if you find them valuable.

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