On International Women’s Day, Hear it from Men at Net Solutions

Womens day

“She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies”

With these lines, Lord Byron describes the extremes of the physical beauty a woman can have. The perception of a woman’s beauty, however, finds a different definition in the 21st century. It has evolved in the form of her abilities to fight all “odds” and be at par with men in anything and everything—accepting the challenges with equal force. The challenges are well accepted by women at workplace, as well in different roles.

Celebrating this spirit of womanhood, Net Solutions took an initiative to have an insight into the perceptions and mind-sets of men about their female colleagues handling different roles and the women governing various projects.

While some said that they hardly see a difference working under a male or a female manager or colleague—testifying the acceptance of women in roles dominated earlier by men, others said showing additional patience is a pre-requisite for ensuring cooperation from women colleagues.

A lone male employee in a team never falls short of advisories when in a relationship problem


“Working so closely with women helps you understand a woman’s mind very well and this experience has made a difference in my life too. I can find excellent and ample advice in a personal problem,” says Abhinav, the only male employee in the HR team.

Women in the team said that, HR teams are majorly represented by women across the board due to their pre-eminence in better analysis of human minds.

“Every discussion with a woman is an argument! But the difference lies in level of dedication towards work that women are born with…”


“…women do demand more patience, but are more dependable too,” says Nitesh, FED Team.

Men in the designing team, meanwhile, feel that women register better when you share a problem, whether personal or professional, with them. “As colleagues, women are as good and efficient, as men, here,” says Ashwani, Designer.

“A female manager is no different from any male manager. The driving force is the individual attitude”


Men in the Quality Control Testing team, headed by a woman, Anuradha Kapoor, do not perceive their female manager as different from any male manager.

Most of them felt that such roles are driven more by individual capabilities and attitudes than gender differences.

The women in the team find an edge while sharing their personal issues and availing leaves. On a lighter note, one of them said, “It is convenient to persuade a female boss in case of any urgent leave, especially those related to family. They are more empathetic.”

“Balance comes in handy for women at work but not at shopping”

Gurpreet in Team marketing says, “A man can never match the management skills of a woman when she strikes a balance in work and personal life. Despite a tough situation at home, a woman can show consistence at workplace. But the consistency dilutes during shopping. So either don’t take a female colleague along for shopping when short of time or go on a leave day.”

The celebrations of International Women’s Day are no longer limited to the women who empower themselves by performing well. The 21st century men deserve salutations too for accepting women in prominent roles and positions.

Ritu Tandon

About the Author

Ritu Tandon heads the HR function at Net Solutions. She has a total experience of about 17 years in HR.

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