Net Solutions Lights Up Lives in a Remote Village Near Ladakh


We are delighted to have been a part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative where we collaborated with the Global Himalayan Expedition to provide electricity to residents of ‘the SumdaDoh’ village, located in the valley of Skyu-Markha block near Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir.


SumdaDoh has a total of 8 households and an elementary school that is only accessible via a dirt road. The villagers, rich in crafting skills, had been living in the dark for the past several years.


We collaborated with the Global Himalayan Expedition to install 2 grids of 250W and 100W each, that included, 3 street lamps and 110 LED lights, to light up the village.


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Before we started working on this project, we were hardly aware that this small effort would transform the lives of the residents of the village. We felt wonderful to hear how thankful they were:

“Handicrafts are our livelihood. We have been consistently trying to work more hours to increase our earnings. However, with no electricity we were forced to limit our work once the sun went down. The power supply has enabled us to increase our productivity. We have always dreamed of this.”

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“Some of us had moved here from other places. However, our children born in Sumda, had never seen an illuminated lightbulb. This is a revolution for us,” said another resident.

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This initiative has inspired us to help others by lighting up their lives, hopefully in near the future.

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6:32 PM, May 15, 2017