Net Solutions launches Center of Excellence (COE) in Omni-Channel Retail


Since every modern retail business is trying to improve customer experience and is exploring digital technologies to stay closer and more relevant to their customers’ needs, there is a clear need for such customers to align with partners who understands digital and omni channel commerce paradigm.

To align to our retail customers’ omni channel commerce needs we at Net Solutions have setup a Center of Excellence (COE) with the aim to benefit our customers by providing them with all the guidance and support needed to deliver omni channel retail experience to their customers.


This next generation COE in omni channel retail will focus on consulting our retail and e-commerce customers on omni channel commerce strategy, recommended technology including IOT, implementing the best practices as well as optimized process required for delivering an omni channel experience.

As a first step, we have been working hard to build a basic omni channel retail framework using Magento Enterprise with POS integration and building custom plugins for various retails use cases.


This omni-channel retail framework has been built on Magento Enterprise 1.11 edition and tested on both Community and Enterprise platforms to check its compatibility.


Benefits of our Omni-Channel Retail Framework


  • Enterprise Ready Solution

    Since we have developed our omni channel retail framework using Magento Enterprise it is absolutely ready for any enterprise to rely on since it comes with full support from Magento Enterprise team.

  • Faster Time to Market

    Because the basic framework covers many of the commonly used functionality required for most retail use cases, an enterprise can launch their ecommerce store and integrate it with their retails POS in no time and can start selling after a couple of weeks only.

  • Single-view of Inventory

    Omni-channel strategy implies eliminating the gap between online and offline store sale, wherein the biggest challenge is in the form of inventory management. Integrating POS (Point of Sale) system with the aid of XPOS for the iPad version of the product, we were able to give single inventory view to this solution.

  • Scalable Architecture

    In order to build a framework for the retail industry it is important that we make it scalable, so that it can be expanded later according to the business requirements. Our CoE team built this framework with optimized coding and maintaining a strong backend, so that it can easily integrate more features and functionalities in its further stages.

    This omni-channel retail framework has been built under constant code review, throughout its project cycle and the new plug-ins and other functionalities being developed to be integrated later will make it an advanced solution for any retail store planning to take their business to the digital arena.

  • Integrated Customized Plugins

    It all comes with experience! When you sit to brainstorm about a certain solution it’s your experience that guides you towards the pain-points. In this case it was the regular scenario of clients looking for plug-ins that helps boost their sales or improve their services or aid their marketing approach. This is one of the major pain-points of eStore owners which needed to be resolved. Hence, the team came up with the idea to create our own plugins and integrate them in the omni-channel store. The below mentioned four plugins are already installed in our omni-channel product, while there are more underway:



  • Shop by Brand

    A Magento Extension to aid customers in filter their product search on the preference of brand names.The vendor gets the benefits of:

    • Associating his product with brands
    • SEO enrichment and
    • A manageable catalogue

    You can download this extension here:

  • Check Availability by Zip/Postal Code

    Integrate this Magento Extension and the buyer will find out in one go if he falls under the delivery zone of the vendor.The eStore admin can:

    • Use FedEx and/or upload CSV for checking the availability of product delivery service
    • Filter the product availability status with country/countries as its source using the FedEx functionality

    You can download this extension here:

  • Discount on Social Media Sharing

    This Magento Extension can be implemented as a profitable marketing strategy and is a win-win situation for both the parties.

    • The eStore owner can promote his brand through his customers thereby generating reviews and building customer loyalty
    • While the customer is happy to receive discounts on his next purchase by simply sharing a link on his Facebook timeline.

    You can download this extension here:

  • Order Tracking

    Installing the Order Tracking extension will support the eCommerce store vendor in keeping the customer informed about the product delivery status. Thus, maintaining the confidence of the customer and updating him about the progress of his order. Some more functionalities like Shop on eBay, Click and Collect, Mail Chimp etc. are already incorporated in it.You can download this extension here:




By now you will have a better idea that how a retails business or enterprise can get benefitted by Omni Channel Retail framework that we have built. It is a complete product with integrated plug-ins and a well-managed backend that is ready to use, with simply implementing the desired business related theme; we are trying to make it even more compatible to the omni-channel ecosystem with more functionalities and a well-planned architecture.

If you want to know more about how we can help your business grow via omni channel route, please contact us at [email protected] for a one on one discussion with our omni channel commerce analyst.

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