Go Green – A Tree Plantation Drive By Net Solutions

In view of our keen disposition towards CSR activities, we held a tree plantation drive in Chandigarh on July 16. It was overwhelming to see over 30 Netizens turning up at the event venue and coming forward to plant saplings.

Over 52 saplings were planted. All these were saplings of medicinal plants named Amaltas and Neem and will be used as resources in order to create medicine and other health-conscious products for the sick. This event took place near village Daria in Chandigarh, located close to the Railway Station.


The timing of this event was especially notable, since holding this tree plantation drive in middle of monsoon season ensures that the plants will grow well and flourish, through natural irrigation. The drive was not just to plant saplings, but a pledge to nurture them, so they flourish and go on to become trees.

Now we are expecting many more trees to grow in Chandigarh, thanks to the selfless efforts of our employees and all those who took part in this drive.


It was overwhelming to see some of the Netizens bringing in their family members including their children. The presence of children during our tree plantation activity helped us fulfil our purpose of “catching them young” in raising awareness on go green initiatives.

It’s always important to remember that we all share one planet. It’s everyone’s duty to give back, to ensure that our future generations can share in the blessings of life. Here’s to a greener world.


It’s no secret that planting trees greatly aids the environment.  Not only do trees help to produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air, but they can also reduce ozone levels, noise pollution, and urban runoff from rainfall.


We sincerely thank each and every individual who took the time to join in this event.  Enjoy the rest of the season.

Anand Bhusari

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Anand Bhusari heads creative group at Net Solutions and has been in this field from past 15 years possessing vast experience in print, web and mobile. Anand thinks simplicity is the key to design. He is apple fanboy and loves spending time with his family.

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