• Net Solutions is among the first AWS (Amazon Web Services) Partners ‘ever’ to gain public designation as a Standard Consulting Partner


    On November 7, 2012, Net Solutions achieved an important milestone when we received the following e-mail from AWS team

    Hello Sameer,

    Congratulations, your firm has successfully completed the APN confirmation and billing process! Your firm is among the first AWS Partners ever to gain public designation as a Standard Consulting Partner.

    Regards, Alex Tkach,
    Partner Operations Manager

    Net Solutions is excited about this news because we are among the first AWS Partners ever to gain public designation as a Standard Consulting Partner.

    What does this mean for our customers?

    AWS Standard Consulting Partner program is a way for Amazon Web Services team to identify firms that help customers of all sizes design, architect, migrate, or build new applications on AWS.

    This isn’t just a partnership agreement!

    To become a part of the Amazon Partner Network companies must demonstrate clear wins in AWS – either by deploying products or successful customer implementations. It also means that you have someone you trust when it comes to building solutions in AWS and our expertise in Amazon Web Services have been validated by AWS team.

    How does it benefit our customers?

    As an AWS Standard Consulting Partner, Net Solutions has access to a myriad of resources to help our clients deploy and manage applications in the AWS cloud. As an official Standard Consulting Partner with AWS, our clients can rest assured that they not only have our expertise on their side, but complete support from Amazon Web Services team as well.

    Some of the advantages which help our clients are:

    • Local and regional support from the AWS team
    • Presales and Solution Architect engagement
    • Technical support during presales and delivery
    • Technical training
    • Selective eligibility for joint “go to market” activities including customer proof-of-concepts

    As AWS Standard Consulting Partner, Net Solutions help clients with end to end cloud based solutions including, but not limited to strategy, consulting, implementation, migration, monitoring, and technical support.

    Some of the clients whom we helped on AWS are Sumazi, Be Proud and Jaypore.

    For more information on Cloud Computing services we offer under Amazon Web Services deck or if you want to setup a call with one of our AWS experts to consult you on the ideal AWS product for your requirements, please contact us at info@netsolutions.com.

    About Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides customers of all sizes with on-demand access to a wide range of Cloud infrastructure services, charging you only for the resources you actually use. AWS enables you to eliminate the need for costly hardware and the administrative pain that goes along with owning and operating the equipment. AWS can reduce costs and improve cash flow, whether you are starting out as a small business or operating on a large scale.In addition to the economic benefits of Cloud Computing, AWS can also offer customers significant operational advantages such as setting up your infrastructure in minutes rather than months, completing massive computational projects with a large number of resources quickly, and scaling your architecture up and down to provide the IT resources you need, only when you need them.

    Some of the best brands choose AWS for building their products; notable among them are: Samsung, Airbnb, Flipboard, Spotify, Yelp, Pinterest, Netflix and Foursquare.

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    Net Solutions is among the first AWS (Amazon Web Services) Partners ‘ever’ to gain public designation as a Standard Consulting Partner
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