Top 10 Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Smarter Choice for NPOs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best CRM for your organization

Every Non-Profit Organization (NPO) has to deal with multiple stakeholders, processes and donation programs. Therefore, they need a solution that is smart, simple to navigate, secure and most importantly customizable to their unique processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes as a savior here.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM makes a perfect choice for NPOs as it is scalable, flexible and easy to navigate and meets the EU compliance standards.

Let us look at the 10 major reasons that make Dynamics 365 CRM a default choice for every non-profit organization looking for a robust solution.

1. Single Integrated System with Dynamics 365

NPOs deal with multiple departments and stakeholders that find them in a strange position where they have to deal with many silos of data. Dynamics 365 CRM has the flexibility to bring all departments under one umbrella using a single database.

Dynamics 365 CRM solution has the inbuilt functionality that allows you to map and track the relationships among people from different departments, thereby bringing in a single integrated system for smoother operations.

2. Manage Bespoke Processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365


One biggest disadvantage of out of the box donor or member management solution is that you have to fit your business to the software’s needs. Dynamics 365 CRM, however, allows you to customize the system, tailored to meet how your organization functions. Additionally, the use of pre-built accelerators makes customizing faster and easier because everything doesn’t have to be built from scratch.

3. D365 provides a 360-degree view of organizations


Every non-profit organization consists of numerous entities such as constituents (individuals, organizations, government agencies), volunteers and beneficiaries. These entities can have an overlap in various programs and may use different ways to interact amongst themselves.

Dynamics 365 CRM provides a holistic view of all the interactions that any person within any entity is having with others, at any given point of time, enabling a 360-degree view of the organization.

Additionally, Dynamics 365 solutions provide the capability to restrict the interactions to be displayed to people across different departments ensuring there is no leakage of sensitive data to unauthorized people.

4. Third-Party Integrations easier with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamic CRM integrations

Dynamics 365 CRM boasts of the capability to integrate hundreds of tools with itself. Be it any other Microsoft application (Office, Dynamics GP, SharePoint), or third-party applications such as QuickBooks, Eventbrite, MailChimp or HubSpot, the applications can be easily integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM without any hurdle.

Google applications like Gmail or Google Calendar can also be integrated easily with Dynamics 365 CRM ensuring a seamless flow of information among the applications that can increase work efficiency.

5. Email and Marketing Automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 CRM has an inbuilt marketing tool that can be used to automate an NPO’s marketing activities.

Further, there are several add-ons that work right inside the Dynamics 365 CRM solution, bringing about robust email marketing capabilities. These add-ons allow sending emails, tracking responses, click-thru rates, heat maps and a variety of other information, very conveniently. You can also manage several market surveys and events through these add-ons very easily.

6. Grants Management System with D365


The grants management system is usually highly unorganized and poorly trackable in most NPOs. When applying for a grant for your non-profit organization, Dynamics 365 CRM allows employees to easily manage and track the grant management process right from the time you apply to receive a grant till the time it gets processed, released and deployed at your NPO. You can even automate reminders or renewals, and make them visible to other members of your organization.

Dynamics 365 Grant Manager accelerator is an all in one integrated solution that streamlines the grants process from initial solicitation through approval and awards to stay on time and within budget.

7. Gift Acknowledgement System with Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 can facilitate custom gift acknowledgments to your constituents. You can designate a specific email template to automatically fill in their receipt information and send acknowledgment immediately.

Donation receipts can also be set up to be sent immediately after a donation is entered manually. Now your cheque and cash donations can be receipted without the extra step of writing an email.

8. Track Moves Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Moves Management defines a constituent development starting from setting up a constituent’s basic information to solicitation to eventually forging a relationship to contributions and gift acknowledgment.

Dynamics 365 CRM’s Business Process Flow gives structure and definition to your unique Moves Management process. The Business Process Flow guides you through and prompts you to collect the key data points needed at every step.

9. Save Money & Reduce Costs with Dynamics 365


With a limited budget and scarce resources, the cost is one of the main priorities of a non-profit organization. Being cost-effective and finding an affordable solution should be important for every NPO.

Dynamics 365 CRM is the best, and the most affordable solution in the market today for non-profit organizations. Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator is a suite of sample apps, templates, and connectors specifically designed to solve the most pressing scenarios that NPOs face while delivering their programs and measuring their impact.

This accelerator provides out of the box functionalities for NPOs, making it easier and quicker for them to go live with the solution and reap the desired benefits.

10. Security and Compliance with D365


Dynamics 365 is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant product that takes care of the data privacy concerns that most of the NPOs might have specifically if they are operating in EU/UK regions.

If you plan to use Dynamics 365 online, Microsoft’s Cloud platform Azure hosts your data within the data centers located in EU/UK regions. Microsoft data centers are encrypted and use rigorous standards set by the Microsoft Security Assurance team to protect customer data. Microsoft ensures regular data backups to protect you from any catastrophic loss.


Dynamics 365 CRM is a quick, time to market, secure, customizable and cost-effective solution that quenches the needs of the Non-Profit Organizations, providing them with an exhaustive collection of multiple functionalities under one umbrella. Needless to say, why Dynamics 365 CRM is and should be the preferred choice for all Non-Profit Organizations.

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