6 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Kentico Development Company

Kentico Development Company

It was the usual scenario of my long discussions with a client, on why he should award his Kentico CMS development project to us rather than opting for an in-house team. And suddenly it struck me why not put in black and white the reasons behind why enterprises are hesitant in outsourcing their Kentico projects?

Kentico being an Enterprise CMS is not everyone’s cup of tea; there are more than 1100 Kentico solution partners across the world, making the prospects dubious about assigning their jobs to someone sitting in a different corner.

Based on my analysis of the latest developments taking place in the Content Management Services sector, the market is expanding with more and more companies investing in Digital Marketing. Yet when taking a landscape view, it is easy to decipher that the competition is going to get tougher in the coming days and we need to pull up our socks.

With the release of Kentico 8 and the 8.1 upgrade, there are more enterprises opting for this platform as also switching from other CMS to the latter. So taking up the big question, if you are in need of a service-provider how do you distinguish a Kentico CMS professional from just another project-hunter?

The Qualities of a Reliable Kentico Service Provider:

1. Do they have solid credentials to prove their expertise

One of the biggest fears refraining organizations from outsourcing their jobs is working with a team they have never met or might just not exist in reality. Since Kentico is built on the .Net framework and comes with highly customizable and scalable benefits; some offshore service-providers think that their team of developers can easily handle a project even without any specialization in Kentico. This takes a toll on the partnership at a later stage.

Well! Since Net Solutions is amongst the only three Kentico Certified Gold Partners in India, I’d rather not boast about our expertise in this CMS.

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2. Have they got happy customers

The biggest source of credibility lies in the portfolio of the company pitching for your project. If it’s a newly established company they might not have many case studies for you, however, feedback from their clients can suffice.

For a company claiming to have handled numerous projects on Kentico, you must check the types of projects they have worked on. For us a word of appreciation from our client is weightier than anything else; hence we make certain that the boat is able to sail away smoothly in the flood tide.

3. Do they have a reliable process that delivers

A service provider who is keen on delivering quality rather than simply adding to their clientele might sound expensive initially but will turn out to be reasonable; both on your pocket and in applying the most germane solutions suited to your business needs.

For instance, in the scenario discussed above the client desired the integration of all the social media tools; one of the benefits of Kentico being the easy integration of tools that nurture online communities. Yet we took the risk of explaining to him that the best practice for him would be to go for any three popular ones i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The takeaway is that not everyone will take the pains of making valid suggestions. Only the ones who look for a long-term relationship will walk the extra mile for you.

4. Are they using the latest communication tools

It’s not simply about delegating a job to someone when picking a partner for your Kentico development service you are putting your own reputation in the hands of an unknown. It is only communication that aids the customer in finding answers to all the qualms arising in his mind.

We begin our process with the preparation of an RFP (Requirements for Proposal) so that all the important points are shared in black and white and there is no space for uncertainties from both the sides. My assurance to my clients is in the form of daily updates and resorting to resourceful Project Management Tools to help him get a real-time check on the status of his project.

5. Are they proficient enough for heavy customization in the CMS

Ease of customization makes Kentico the preferred choice in most cases, however, it lies in the efficiency and creativity of the developer to come up with the most viable solution, which yields long-term benefits. You can personalize both the templates and the eCommerce system in this CMS, yet living under the impression that mere mixing and matching will do the trick for you is the biggest mistake.

For instance, the checkout process can be completely tailored, however, it is on the wit of the developer to create and integrate features that will complement the business needs.

The numerous content management features in Kentico along with its enhanced interface makes it worthwhile to be adopted by enterprises looking for competitive web development. Yet if your website does not turn out as impressive as it could have been, the fault lies majorly with who you chose for the job.

No matter how well-equipped the platform be, it is finally in the hands of the expert to produce a commendable outcome. Our integrity lies in the fact that two of our case studies can be found on the official Kentico site, one of them being the Site of the Year awardee.

6. Can you count on them for post-delivery support

Kentico allows easy integration and implementation of ideas, however even after the delivery of the project, there is always need for support especially in the initial stages. If you have been careful while selecting your solution-provider you will receive assistance whenever you ask for.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are few companies who also provide goodie bags to their customers. Not everyone but a Kentico certified developer can provide this offering and we certainly have this facility for our customers.


Being meticulous while finalizing your Kentico development partner will help you bring home the bacon. So, be questioning and make sure that the one you finalize has been able to provide the most satisfying answers to all your queries.

Kentico is a developer’s happy hunting ground but turns riskier for someone who is in need of a certified professional. Hence, it is only after you have tested the contractor from every angle that you should give the final nod.

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6 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Kentico Development Company
Article Name
6 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Kentico Development Company
When choosing your Kentico Development Partner, you cannot help being skeptical. However, with a little precaution and smart approach you can certainly recognize a professional service-provider in the surging crowd.
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Net Solutions

8:45 PM, Oct 16, 2015

Thanks Brenden. Valid point. Don't heistate to contact us in case we could be of any help to you or your customers.

Brenden Kehren

8:42 PM, Oct 16, 2015

Very nice article! I'd add a #7 to this list: "Does your solution partner utilize recommendations and best practices?"

Reason being is you can customize an application all day long but in the end when the client calls you back to perform a hotfix or an upgrade, what kind of effort and expense will it take? Not only should the partner say they utilize best practices and recommendations but they should also be able to demonstrate this ability or show track records of previous projects where hotfixes or upgrades were applied.

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