Kentico 9: What’s New and Why you Need to Upgrade from Kentico 8


Released on November 24, Kentico 9 an all-in-one Content Management System (CMS), online marketing, and ecommerce platform promises ‘to give you the power to improve and refine your digital strategy, align it with the needs of your customers, and create unique user experiences, thereby accelerating customer loyalty through new technologies.’

Market Drivers which Led to Upgrade of Kentico 8 to Kentico 9

The latest and major upgrade to the widely-popular CMS, Kentico, is a lot focused on developers. So, while Kentico 8 was greatly focused on providing a better user experience, thereby, enabling the content editors to simply and quickly enter or edit content, Kentico 9 comes fortified with new technologies which enable more robust websites with faster deployment and introduction of simplified, personalized methods for content managers.

The era of digital transformation is the driving force behind Kentico’s latest version. Kentico’s latest version can help you effectively engage your digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer-experience lifecycle.

In order to ensure its users the digital-marketing success, Kentico helps in democratizing digital marketing so that any business, regardless of budget or size can make the most of new opportunities. Hence, Kentico 9 lets customers and partners manage content at a single place and ensure efficiency and consistency. Also, its central customer database and integration with existing systems and other key touch points, like social media, enables its customers and partners run a future-proof solution in the evolving world of digital marketing.

New Features of Kentico 9

With the aim to help businesses and enterprises build websites using modern development frameworks and patterns, execute campaigns faster, deploy changes quickly and reliably, and make better sense of the data collected while scaling vigorously to match the demands of increasing traffic in the current and upcoming digital era, Kentico 9 comes armed with five major features:

  • ASP.NET MVC Support


Kentico 9 is the cleanest and most straightforward support for MVC with a completely redesigned way to integrate MVC applications. It is Open Source and based on the best practices MVC developers are used to. To know more about the usability of the MVC application support, click here.

  • Integrated Campaign Management

Giving the power to the users to create, manage, and evaluate marketing campaigns and, thereby, make better sense of collected data is Integrated Campaign Management feature. While integrating seamlessly with other Kentico modules viz. eCommerce, Content Management, and Web Analytics, this feature follows the principles of modern user experience along with being cost-effective. To know more about this functionality, click here.

  • Continuous Integration


Agility is one the most crucial factors to be successful in today’s digital world. With this functionality of Kentico 9, you can move all changes, including content and code, from one environment to the other. Thus, marketers and developers can deploy made changes quickly, reliably, and also, in a fully-automated way. To know more about continuous integration and how it can easily manage a team working on a big project, click here.

  • Auto-Scaling Support

Kentico 9 CMS solution, with its auto-scaling support, Web Farm 2.0, is a perfect pick for a Cloud dynamic environment that is the order of the day. As Cloud grows in popularity, Kentico helps customers to easily configure their environment to scale a number of instances automatically, based on simple rules. To know more about Web Farm and auto-scaling support, click here.

  • Streamlined Management

Thanks to Kentico 9’s modularization feature, modules can be created to serve specific needs that can be packaged automatically, stored, and reused in succeeding projects. It, thus, reduces the development costs, thereby ensuring better success rate due to streamlined work. To know more about the modularization feature in Kentico 9, click here.

Why should you Consider Kentico 9?

Whether you are a customer or a developer, the latest version of Kentico 9 is surely going to excite you, for it includes some exciting and top-line technical functionalities that will make your website more robust and gorgeous. Such great features and, that too, with the ease and speed of creating your sites and applications are surely a win-win.

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