How Xamarin Acquisition by Microsoft Promises a better Integrated Mobile-Development Offering

With Microsoft buying mobile tool-maker, Xamarin on February 24 this year, the technology giant has made sure its software doesn’t only run on Windows but on multiple of platforms.

Xamarin is a company that builds tools to help developers create applications for multiple platforms viz. Windows, iOS, and Android using Microsoft’s programming language C#. These applications, build by a common app code, are capable of delivering a fully native-like experience across all platforms.

What are the possible impacts of Xamarin acquisition?

Microsoft is on its way to establishing a strong set of digital application platform services. The acquisition announcement is just another addition to this movement, which signals towards the new cross-platform-focused Microsoft.

Even though Microsoft has long been partnering with Xamarin, this step of bringing the tool-maker company in-house is a strong signal that Microsoft is seriously thinking about cross-platform support.

Following are the possible impacts of the acquisition, both for the app-development world and Microsoft:

  • The announcement has us wondering whether Microsoft quests to conquer new territories in the world of mobile platforms. With Xamarin, Microsoft can build truly universal apps, for not just Windows, but also Android, iOS, and others.
  • Microsoft will eliminate high prices of Xamarin licenses and include it as part of Visual Studio. Thus, developers with .NET skills and those who have the Visual Studio set of application development and lifecycle tools can immediately start building apps for multiple platforms.
  • With the acquisition, Microsoft is making a strong move to be the development platform of choice not only for Windows, but for all mobile platforms. Thanks to Azure, Microsoft is already a huge player in the arena of Cloud and with this acquisition, the company has become a significant player in mobile development market, as well.

Is it a rich mobile-development offering?

Head of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise business, Scott Guthrie, announced the buying of Xamarin via a blog post.

As per Guthrie, with the Xamarin acquisition, Microsoft will be taking the initiative of providing the best experiences to all developers much further. This will make the world class developer tools and services of Microsoft even better with deeper integration and seamless mobile app development experiences. The combination of Xamarin, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services, and Azure provides a complete mobile app development solution that provides everything a developer needs to develop, test, deliver and instrument mobile apps for every device.

As per Forrester, this move makes Microsoft a must-consider option throughout the stack when it comes to mobile development.

No wonder, then, Xamarin Acquisition by Microsoft is an initiative towards empowering developers to build apps for various devices. Even the functioning of apps will not be compromised. This is because developers will write C# code that can be natively compiled to various devices. Thus, these apps will run at similar speed as apps written in Swift, Objective-C, or Java.

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