How We Helped ParcelKiosk Build a Parcel Delivery Web App

parcel delivery web app

With the world economies trading in an open-market arena, parcel delivery web app form a crucial bond between suppliers and customers. Parcels must reach safely, on time, in their original condition to the right person. Any of these benchmarks not being met means lack of service and loss of clientele for the suppliers.

In this manner, the parcel delivery web app service plays an important role in the success of a business as the requirements differ with different parcels and packages. One needs to choose the services which best suit their business needs.

As per Pitney Bowes, the progress in global parcel deliveries is estimated to be 9 percent per year. The Parcel volume grew 17 percent last year; from 63.6 billion in 2016 to 74.4 billion parcels. The worldwide delivery volume is expected to outperform 100 billion parcels in 2020.

The parcel industry has changed quickly during the past few years, thanks to the advent of the Internet. Parcel delivery firms have started availing technology to deliver parcels in a profitable way. Web applications empower parcel companies to control various activities such as order, dispatch, track, and much more with just a couple of taps and swipes.

Picking a decent parcel delivery web app development company could possibly spare your business many pounds. Nonetheless, here at Net Solutions, our web app developers thoroughly analyze to know your business needs and what services are required to spruce up your business. That’s why we ensure to deliver the best parcel delivery services for better customer experience.

How We Built a Parcel Delivery Web App Using a Delivery-driven Web App

How We Built a Parcel Delivery

We helped one of our clients, ParcelKiosk, to develop and manage web applications that are remarkably designed to offer better parcel delivery services to customers. Our web development process mainly focuses on better user experience without compromising on security, performance, technology, and scalability.

The idea was to help customers carry out their shipments in a manner, which eliminates the error of manual weighing, capturing dimensions, and selecting a perfect courier service between two points.

Defining the Problem

ParcelKiosk is a manufacturer of a combined weight and dimension parcel scale called “Bedal”. They came to us with the idea of developing a platform, which would provide a range of available courier services that can ship a parcel between two points. They wanted to offer a smarter solution to measure, select, and ship parcels with an easy integration process.

Defining the Problem

This solution was also required to provide capabilities to track and manage their delivery and pick-up services. They wanted to solve the problem of the controller, who sitting in one place, should be able to assign and track the tasks given to the drivers for pick-up and delivery.

Highlighting the Challenges

The challenge was to develop a system to streamline the client’s parcel delivery business. The built-in system should be enriched with features like constant shipment tracking and competent protocol for efficient exchange. Being a delivery-driven system, it required a pick-up and drop show. A smooth and active design pathway that can be synchronized with the backend was the significant part in growing such a system.

The idea was to develop a solution, which can be integrated into services like LetMeShip, AllPacka, ShipStation, P4D, and ShopRunBack. This allows users to choose from a variety of services and select an appropriate quote for a shipment. Web and Windows desktop apps developed by Net Solutions are multi-lingual and the user has the option to choose from English and German languages while using the application.

How We Solved It

We analyzed all the requirements from a client with a consultative approach and started with designing a built-in delivery-driven web app with the backend web application. To achieve client’s expectations, our team conceptualized and built a design for developing a web application which would have shipping tracking system, order management tool, interactivity feature for drivers as well as customers, and updates on tasks and its completion in actual time.

Considering all these requirements, we developed an intuitive web application software named, Parcelrate, that fulfilled the client’s requirement. Parcelrate is a global shipping gateway that connects multi-carrier libraries and warehouse management shipping platforms to Bedal, thereby enabling clients to automate their shipping operations. Parcelrate helps SMEs, micro-warehouses, high-street retail outlets, and eCommerce companies to streamline their shipping.

It uses Bedal to automatically weigh and measure the dimensions of a parcel and query online courier providers for a suitable quote. The quotes are shown to end user who can then select an appropriate service and book a shipment.

The web application was developed as an automatic solution for real-time delivery tracking and communication between the controller and driver. The key highlights of the web application are as per the following:

  1. On-going shipment tracking
  2. On-demand delivery software with user-friendly interface
  3. Doorway pickup and delivery
  4. Easy payment method
  5. On-time delivery and customer feedback

The Results

The Results

The parcel delivery web application helped ParcelKiosk achieve operational excellence in delivery and pick up services of the client businesses. This saves a lot of time of the controller as well as the driver, and streamline the complete process to keep the shipment tracking on time. This leads to better customer experience and streamlined procedures of activities.

The client can now manage the fleet properly to increase productivity. The web app helps store information of all the vehicles and their routes. One can even track the location of the drivers and manage the schedule of the vehicles through the GPS technology.

A custom-built and feature-rich web app helped the client to improve the parcel delivery services by establishing a 24/7 connection with customers.

So, this is how we helped Parcelkiosk develop a web application to offer a wide range of parcel delivery services to its customers for better client engagement and attract new customers.

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