5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an iPhone App Development Company

The iPhone is certainly a gadget of wonder. Hundreds of millions of the product have been sold making it one of the best tech products that has ever been created. As such, it is to no surprise that many companies today are considering having an iPhone application made to suit their businesses. With millions of application downloads in a month, iPhone application development pays. However, you can’t just barge into iPhone application development. Instead, there are certain things to consider before hiring an iPhone application development company.

1. Preparation

As mentioned before, you cannot just barge into iPhone application development. That is why preparation is important so that you will end up with an application that meets your need. First of all, you will need to know what you need. This is so that you will have all of the features you need and not those that your users will not find much use of.

There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself: who is your audience? Is your application designed for the consumer or for businesses? These tough questions need to be answered prior to conducting the search for an iPhone application development company. In fact, this small yet important part of the preparation is necessary for the future of the application as it ensures that everything is well thought off before the application is developed.

Some of the things that need to be considered are the key benefits that users will be getting from the application. This may just be a few things that can entice a user to stay with the application. In addition to that, you should also consider competing applications. What are the strengths of the competitors and how can your application be different from the competitors. Knowing the key strength of your application as compared with the competitor’s is important so that you won’t be competing directly with their strong features but instead working to make it better and unique. When it comes to understanding where your competitors excel, working with any top iPhone App Development company can help your cause.

2. Blueprint and Drafts

When you have listed down every feature that you think you need, then it will be time for you to work on the blueprint or the draft of your application. This means that you need to have a general idea of how you would want your application to work. This is important considering that you wouldn’t want everything to lie in the hands of the developer. Having a sense of what you need is the key in guiding your developer into making your application. In case you aren’t able to figure it out yourself as an individual or a company, seeking the services of an iPhone App Development company can be helpful.


The blueprint or draft that we talk about isn’t something too specific but rather a framework on which the developer can use to create the application. Suffice to say that the clearer you portray your idea, the easier for the developer to work on something that you want rather than something that he understands.

In addition to that, you should also talk about the technical specifics of the application. Before hiring an iPhone App Development Company, certain questions will require answers. For example, how often will you need to update the application and how will the application function. You should also take note on how much you would want to charge your users and whether there will be a paid/free version of your application or not. As far as budgeting is concerned, that is up to your company to decide but do bear in mind that the best developers do not cost cheap. Do be on the lookout for mobile application development companies based in India though because they are often good but at the same time, affordable. Within the subcontinent itself, you’ll be able to find plenty of options when it comes to hiring an iPhone App Development Company.

3. Finding an iPhone App Development Company

There are many ways of hiring an iPhone App Development Company but the ones to go with aren’t always the one that charges you at the lowest price. Rather, it is their experience that is important as well as their portfolio. You don’t want to end up with a developer that has just started and is still inexperienced. Doing so might cause your project to flop or you need to find another replacement.


The problem with finding an iPhone App Development Company is that there are no specific websites to go to find them. While you can rely on freelance websites, these often charge extra fees to get things done. There are two ways of finding a developer and this is whether to choose local based iPhone application developer or one that is based outside of the country.

The perks of having a local iPhone App Development Company are simply that you can monitor your project easily from time to time. However, depending on what the rate is, to hire a local mobile app developer can be more expensive than one from a country such as India for example.

Choosing a good developer can be a tough job. You do not want to go with developers that work on the HTML5 platform. While this is good because you can work with multiple devices, it is rather slow as compared with an application that is programmed using its native language. A good iPhone application development company or engineer should already be familiar with the Cocoa development for the Mac. This is because a developer that has been working with Cocoa should be a seasoned programmer as well. Refrain from giving your project to novice developer because your program will be a testing bed and not as polished as you would expect from a team that has been around for quite some time.

If your application is based on a unique idea, then chances are that you wouldn’t want people to mess around and steal it. This is where non-disclosure agreements come into play. It prohibits the programmer to steal your idea or misuse it. Having NDAs protect your application. However, if there is already a similar application on the App Store, you wouldn’t need to draft one anymore and this can save you a lot of money. Rest assured, working with the best iPhone App Development Company comes with the luxury of you not having to worry about your idea being stolen.

4. Cost of Development

The cost of development for an iPhone application development company is never cheap. As a start, a less experienced developer itself might charge you around $20,000. However, this amount can bloat to as much as $100,000. Mobile application development companies in India can play around with a figure that is much cheaper than the ones mentioned but nevertheless, you should always consider developers that are seasoned instead of beginners.


There is also the time factor that needs to be thought out as well. An application that is less complex may cost as little as six weeks to be fully developed. However, a reasonably difficult application may take as long as six months to get it done. Anything less than six weeks can be near impossible to achieve unless the developer makes use of quicker methods such as a framework or a template application. When it comes to the time frame, you must throughly consult with the iPhone App Development Company in question.

Besides that, you should also bear in mind that you need to add between two to three weeks for the approval process of the application. This is because Apple takes that long to review the application. Suffice to say that your application should be up and be running at the App Store for as little as two months. However, the safer bet would be three months instead. Any top iPhone App Development Company can help you with the best practices when it comes to hosting an app on the App Store.

One thing to consider is that you are probably overdoing the initial release of your application if it takes longer than 4 months to complete. To manage this problem, talk to your developer and put on priorities on the features that you want to be in the first version. Once version one is stable, only then can you push for a major update on version two and above. Update cycles should also be thought out as well because you would want to respond to the feedback and ideas of the users instead of doing things based on your own ideas alone.

5. Development Timeline

Having a timeline is essential in sticking with your deadline. There are a few processes that need to be considered inside the timeline. The first is the discussion period. Once you have agreed upon the developer that you want, you will need to spend at least a week or two to discuss the requirements that you need. Besides that, if there is any draft or mock designs that need to be done, this will be the time to do it. At the discussion period, you will need to give all the necessary guidelines to your mobile developer so that he can work on the project without much problem.

After that will be the initial implementation. You can easily call it as your first draft. This period is when the alpha version of your application takes place. It may be a bit rough in some areas but in most cases, it also represents around 80% of what your application will be. This will be the period for feedbacks and testing. Initial implementation should represent at least 60% – 70% of the development period.

Once the initial implementation is covered, you will then move to the final implementation period of your timeline. This period is usually two weeks before the release of your product. In this period, the iPhone App Development Company will test for bugs and fix them. In addition to that, you can also get final feedbacks from your test users as to how well your application performs.

Last but not least, is the support period. When your application is finished and has been approved for the App Store, it doesn’t mean that your agreement with your developer is over. This is because the developer should give between 3 to 8 weeks for support period once the application is launched. Doing so makes it possible for the developer to do bug fixes and feature changes whenever there is a need to do so. It is important to hire mobile app developer and hire mobile app designer that can meet these requirements so that everything will be up and running smoothly.


As a conclusion, there are a few things that need to be considered when hiring an iPhone App Development Company. The most important thing is to know the needs and major features of your application. After that, you will also need to hire an expert iPhone application developer. Our recommendation is to find mobile application development companies in India as they are good as well as affordable. The cost of development needs to be taken into account and once the paperwork is done, you will then need to arrange a proper timeline to suit with your iPhone application development process.

Rohit Dogra

About the Author

Rohit Dogra leads Marketing at Net Solutions. He is an evangelist for Inbound Marketing and has a rich experience (close to a decade) in various roles which includes Marketing, Presales, Sales and Business Development. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences while consulting his clients on developing web and mobile based solutions for their business. He also loves to spend a lot of time with fellow colleagues, share his experiences with them as well as learn from their experiences in life. When he is not working, he loves to spend time with his son, cycle around the city and going for long walks. You can reach him via Twitter, his twitter handle is @rohitdogra




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