11 Things to Consider Before Hiring an iPhone App Development Company

Hiring an iPhone App Development Company

The iPhone app market is growing in popularity worldwide as a business development platform for businesses. Its capabilities to generate high revenue, better ROIs, increased user count, and market reach, are very notable. Most businesses today aspire to create a mark for themselves in this niche’ market by developing iPhone apps.

With over 2.2 million apps in the iOS app market, there is tough competition.  If you are not technically adept, you should hire an expert. Hiring an iOS app developer would serve the purpose of ensuring your project is carried out properly. If you choose an incapable provider lacking required expertise or relevant experience, your app will be delayed from being released, and you will lose potential revenue.

In this blog, we will discuss why it is important to hire a good iPhone app development company, and how to go about hiring the right one for you.

Let’s get started and find out why it’s important to hire a professional in this field.

  • Better ROI

Every business wants to stand out from the crowd, and that is why hiring a good app development company is necessary. They provide the most complete and highest quality development for your app, all within a dedicated timeframe and budget. This investment will result in a productive outcome in the form of ROI.

  • Technical expertise

To make your app a success, it is important that you assign your project to an iPhone app developer whose team possesses sharp technical skills, and the capability to deliver a quality app within required deadlines. They will develop the app based on your ideas, and can make suggestions to integrate other systems and workflows, such as API. API plays a crucial role when it comes to developing a mobile-friendly app, and a better user experience. API helps businesses to leverage a wide range of offerings to boost organizational value, helping a progressive growth.

  • Faster time to market

Quality assurance is what brands look for when it comes to hiring an iPhone developer. They want to build strategies through which they can market their product faster, minimize any errors, without compromising on quality. These development companies offer an agile approach that helps to optimize your development and testing cycle. This further accelerates the time to market.

The graph below indicates that there are currently 2.2 million iOS apps, and that number is steadily growing. Though the growth may be lesser when compared to its competitors yet it is important to know that iOS apps are driven by quality and not quantity. This makes it more market ready.

Faster time to market

How to hire the best iPhone app development company?

Several iPhone app development companies claim to be the best: however, it is advised to not just take their word for it. A thorough research when hiring a prospective iPhone app developer would be a better suggestion. Here are the 11 things that you need to consider:

Doing your homework

Homework is important when it comes to developing an iPhone app, so that you have an application that meets yours users’ needs. Before you do that, it is essential to know what the underlying objective for building your app is.

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself:

  • Would your business idea fit into a mobile app design?
  • How would you acquire customers?
  • Is your app going to solve a problem?
  • How much do you understand your users’ preferences?
  • Do you have the right mobile app development team to correctly produce your idea?

These fundamental questions need to be answered prior to conducting the search for an iPhone application developer. In fact, this important step in preparation is necessary for the application, to ensure that everything is well thought out before development begins.

Some of the things that need to be considered are the key benefits that users will be getting from the application. It may be just a few things that can engage users through your app, but if they are strong enough, then it will succeed.

Gathering requirements

Once you have done your homework, it is time for you to gather your requirements. Create a checklist of your app needs, and how it needs to be built. Based on this, you can plan a set of activities. It will help developers understand your business requirements, user needs, and deliverables; and, can transform your requirements into technical specifications.

You can ask the mobile app development company to create their strategy for gathering requirements based on your business needs, user feedback, and market demands. Check whether they include standard tests to measure and evaluate the software requirements specification (SRS) and functional requirements, to protect your app from bugs, and assist in faster product release.

User experience (UX) capability

Better user experience leads to higher user engagement and faster growth of your app.   Make sure that your iPhone app development company offers you the best UX designers, delivering impressive app designs for better user experience. They should follow a customer-centric approach understanding personas, by working on optimization and performance enhancement. This better creates the app’s design, by engaging more users.

Evaluate past work

Before finalizing a prospective iPhone app developer, it is necessary to evaluate their past work as it displays their expertise and quality of deliverables. To get a clear vision on their past work, here are some questions that you should ask:

  • How many app development projects they have delivered?
  • What developer skills are required to build a good iPhone app?
  • How many developers work on one project?
  • How long does it take them to build an app?
  • What platform are iOS apps developed on?
  • Which programming language do they use to develop iOS apps?
  • Can you share the apps that you have developed and listed on the App Store?
  • What backend do they use to integrate mobile apps with enterprise?

A good iPhone app development company will not only guide you and update you on their development process, but also be open to providing creative ideas to help you develop an engaging app.

Client references

It is essential to consult past clients to get an idea of your prospective developer’s professional expertise, as well as their reputation. Make sure you run a thorough background check, including client reviews, feedback, or testimonials. Listed below are a few questions that you can ask their past clientele:

  • How was their experience working with the company?
  • How well did they understand their clients’ needs?
  • How did they develop their app?
  • Were they collaborative?
  • Did they communicate consistently throughout the app development process?
  • What was their response time to questions and/or requests?
  • How did they handle conflict-resolution?
  • Was the project completed on schedule?
  • Did the company deliver the expected results?
  • Did the vendor exceed the client’s expectations?
  • Would they look at hiring this development company again?
  • Is there anything else I should consider before I hire this vendor?

This way, you will get an idea about how capable they are at building engaging apps.

Cost of development

When hiring an iPhone app development company, cost plays a major role. You should never compromise on the cost when it comes to quality, as quality is important for every app. Build a good app with agile methodology, as it has far-reaching benefits.

Always look for an iPhone mobile app development company that –

  • Asks you to share your budget
  • Works with a planned strategy and approach within your budget constraints, while keeping quality in mind.
  • Always find innovative ways of using technology, while considering cost and quality.
  • Can recommend to you the right engagement model (dedicated resources, fixed price, and time and material (T&M)), based on the nature of the requirement.

Development timeline

Having a timeline is essential when developing an iOS mobile app. A few processes need to be included in the timeline. The first is the discussion period. Once you have agreed upon the developer that you want, you will need to spend at least a week or two discussing the requirements. Second, if there is any draft or mock designs that need to be done, this will be the time to do it. At the discussion period, you will need to give all the necessary guidelines to your mobile developer so that he can work on the project without problems.

App testing

Building up an app is not a one-time activity. Therefore, hiring an iPhone app development company is crucial to get an easily accessible app to engage customers. App developers’ work dedicatedly all through the development of your app until its release. They test the app through several platforms, operating systems, and screen sizes, to check whether there are any errors in consistency, usability, and functionality. Pick an iPhone developer whose testing techniques, such as beta-testing process, and bug fixing solutions, are a long-term.

App ownership

Who takes ownership of the app, design, source code, and content?  Just to avoid the confusion, ensure that you sign an agreement with your app developer before you begin the project.

Below are a few important pointers:

  • A skilled and experienced app developer will always sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), to avoid any kind of glitches or legal hassles.
  • Make sure that the agreement ensures the licensing of innovation rights.
  • Make sure that the confidential data also stays secure.
  • Do not go for developers who delay legal processing, or will not sign a contract to save your ideas.

Submitting your app to the App Store

Once your app is done with the testing, you have to submit the app to the App Store. The store then gives you approval to sell your product. It is important to review the human interface and App Store guidelines before you submit your app. It is a long process, that includes multiple steps, and only a seasoned app developer will have the ability to complete the process. Thus, ensure your developer has a portfolio containing proficient experience in uploading an app to the App Store.

Collaboration and communication

To build up a successful app, collaboration and communication between the team of developers and the client is necessary. Before hiring the iPhone development company, there are a few things to remember:

  • Check whether the developer/project manager, can communicate regularly within your time zone, and in your language. This helps in avoiding miscommunication between the two parties.
  • A good app developer maintains regular follow-up regarding the project with the client, through Basecamp, FaceTime, Skype, text messages, or emails.
  • Also, check how frequently the app developer shares updates regarding the development process.

Remember! Always pick a company with whom you can establish a good working relationship, where best practices can be shared from both sides, leading to the building of a powerful and progressive app.


With today’s abundance of mobile technology on the go, dependability on cellular phones is increasing by the day. It is no wonder that millions of apps are available in the App Store to cater to users’ growing needs. iOS apps are built to quality, with the end result being higher user engagement, and better ROI for the business. While there is a plethora of companies that guarantee to develop the best iOS mobile apps, in order to build the app to perfection, a team of seasoned developers, who can understand your vision and develop a killer iOS app, is required.

We hope that the key considerations we discussed will help you make an educated decision in choosing the best iPhone app development company.

So, execute your ideas by hiring the right developer, and get your app running smoothly: don’t forget to share your successful journey with us at [email protected], or in the comment section below.

Amandeep Singh

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Amandeep Singh is a Technical Developer at Net Solutions with over eight years of experience in iOS technologies. An avid learner and excellent at developing and maintaining iOS applications, he comes with a strong development background. Outside of work, Amandeep likes to spend time exploring the Internet and listening to music.

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