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Covid-19 - Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Advisory

Net Solutions’ plan to handle Covid-19 aka Novel Coronavirus-induced disruptions and ensure Business Continuity

The novel coronavirus – Covid-19 – continues to cause worldwide business disruption. Through this public note, we seek to advise our existing and prospective customers on the steps Net Solutions has taken as an organization to ensure Business Continuity for our global customers and the safety of our staff.

Net Solutions operates multiple offices around the world. Our delivery HQ based in North India staffs most of our Engineers, Analysts, and Technologists.

Net Solutions took multiple operational-readiness steps earlier in the year, much before WHO announced the arrival of Covid-19 as a pandemic:

  1. We moved additional software systems to the cloud infrastructure
  2. We ran work-from-home tests across our global offices to determine points of failure
  3. We introduced an additional data security monitoring system to keep a tab of data ingress/egress out of our servers and firewalls
  4. We introduced an additional layer of backups and secondments across the organization

As of the publication of this note on March 26, 2020:

  1. Net Solutions’ global workforce is operating at 100% capacity from the safety of their homes
  2. All our projects are running with the same professional efficiency, throughput, and communication as they’d normally go when executed via physical presence in our company offices
  3. We continue to hire for open positions
  4. We continue to add new customers

We sincerely hope that mankind successfully survives the Covid-19 pandemic, and everyone can go back to their normals quickly.

This advisory and update have been issued in the interest of our global staff, our worldwide customers and partners.

If you are an affected party and have a question, we can be reached via email at the following email address — [email protected]



Abhi Garg

About the Author

Abhi Garg is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Net Solutions. Uniquely placed at the intersection of Product Development, Engineering, Innovation, and Sales and Marketing initiatives, the prospect of solving complex problems by leveraging technology motivates and excites him. He draws inspiration from the rewarding experience that follows while going through the trenches in an attempt to bring positive change in the lives of individuals and efficiency in business processes.

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