Celebrating International Women’s Day At Net Solutions: Knowing Each Other Better


We work in big teams and take up big responsibilities at work. While we have hard-pressed deadlines and deliverables at work at one end, we fulfill umpteen responsibilities as mothers, daughters, wives and sisters, at the other end.

I think this is no unknown space for working women. We are always oscillating between these roles and responsibilities while trying to strike a perfect balance between our professional aspirations and family life.

Amidst all this, I stop and think, how often do we get a chance to interact with our colleagues in cross-functional teams? While we appreciate a lot of things about one another in our minds how often do we get a chance to express it?

When I rush to the office every morning, with a mind pre-occupied with to do’s, I am greeted with a beautiful smile which gives a great start to my day. It’s none other than our dear woman colleague, Premlata from the house-keeping wing, who greets me with her enigmatic smile that charges me up for the day and it makes me think, does her smile reach the colleagues working a floor above?

My role at Net Solutions brings to me the wealth of knowing each one of my colleagues personally. And, that helps me find a comfort and pleasure at work – a place where every employee is known to me almost like a family member.

So this day, I thought of this idea of being a facilitator for an event where our women employees could get to know each other even better.

And this is how we did it…..We involved them in some activities.

Catching The Rhythm Together


From tapping our feet to a single rhythm and learning better about our responsibilities as team members — to picking up more about our fellow women colleagues, women employees at Net Solutions had a gala time.

Introducing Fellow Colleagues To The Whole Group


The rapid-fire session where we introduced the female colleagues standing next to each one, turned out to be a lovely experience.


It came out as a wonderful opportunity for each one of us to share our good thoughts about each other and celebrate them.

Realizing Our Responsibilities Towards Team Mates


The simple foot tapping activity made us realize how much responsibility we hold towards our team mates in helping them catch the rhythm. And the magic a well bonded team can weave!

Taking Inspiration from Achievement of Other Women


We watched an inspiring TED Talk by Swimmer Diana Nyad, known for her exceptional swimming journey from Cuba to Florida, that filled each of us with a revering spirit. It helped us recognize our inner strengths and beauties, the sincerity and grace we add to our workplace.


Formation of Women’s Club

The event turned out to be such a hit that we decided to constitute a women’s club too to continue with these motivational meet ups simple-smile

This Women’s Day was very special. The activities not only allowed us an opportunity to learn more about our women colleagues but also motivated us to be even more responsible towards our teams. We, indeed, realized our women power!

And The Thoughts

“It was great catching up with everyone. The event was interactive and interesting. I would like to thank everyone for being there and for making it special.”

— Jyoti Thakur (PHP Team)

“The event was nice and interactive. Was feeling special being a Woman!”

— Priya Sareen (Sales Team)

“The event’s success is visible. Since yesterday, we’ve been exchanging beautiful smiles. All credits to rapid-fire introduction session.”

— Anupreet Kaur (Android Team)

“It felt great to be a part of the Women’s Day event and being treated as a part of the Net Solutions team. It was good to interact with all the women and get to know them better.”

–Premlata (Housekeeping Team)

“Great to see all the females of the company together and know about each other! Thanks for enlightening us with unlimited possibilities, team spirit and optimism.”

— Vishakha Jain (Design Team)

“It was an interactive event and the formation of women cell was a great idea.”

— Shweta Malik (Dot Net Team)

“It was a great initiative and we all got the opportunity to know each other more. Watching Diana Nyad’s video was very motivating. Thanks”

— Meenakshi Sharma (Java Team)

“The event was great. Apart from the technology in which they work, we came to know about their virtues.”

— Honey Bhutani (PHP Team)

We were bursting into laughter while introducing each other. It was fun. While greeting my female colleagues a day later, I can sense a better connection with them. This is awesome!”

— Ritika Jha (Marketing Team)

“The day began simply. Some women’s day messages flashed on whatsapp and facebook. But when I came to office, I saw a beautiful note women empowerment. And then, I got words of appreciation and wishes from my project manager and team. But this was not all, we were invited to a super awesome event. It made my day. I felt special :)”

— Surbhi Sharma (PHP Team)

“Tap dance was really the most enjoyable part of the whole event which reminded me of my childhood days. I almost felt like a child with a free-mind. It was nice to reinforce the belief that age is no bar to live the moments.”

— Shaveta Wadhwa (PHP Team)

The event was really very special and interactive. All beautiful faces of the organization were together. It was great meeting other females. Introduction part was very interesting and all enjoyed great time. Thanks to all the lovely ladies and special thanks to the organizers.”

You can learn more about our celebrations at our Facebook Page Album.

Ritu Tandon

About the Author

Ritu Tandon heads the HR function at Net Solutions. She has a total experience of about 17 years in HR.

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