Building High Performing Web and Mobile Properties: Our Webinar in a Nutshell


In this virtual age, the success of any business or entrepreneur boils down to how well they can project themselves via their respective web and mobile properties. These include responsive websites integrated with numerous social media channels for data collection, and mobile apps for different platforms that inculcate user experience data.  This enables businesses to build upon the data garnered in order to offer a better virtual experience. Focusing on these fundamentals, Net Solutions, in collaboration with Forrester, hosted a webinar entitled: “Building High Performing Web and Mobile Properties”. Abhi Garg, Head of Products and Digital Business at Net Solutions and Somak Roy, senior analyst serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals from Forrester, hosted the webinar. For those who missed the event, not to worry, you can sign up via the link given below to stream the webinar.

Building the right things, the right way:

The presence of big data, dynamic analytics, and increased expectations around mobile apps, puts software front and center for any brand or business. With advancements being made in personalizing user experience, the development process for any software has undergone significant changes. Unlike before, it’s not about creating software that meets your business’ expectations, but also your customers’ aspirations. A bridge-builder must be able to bring together a tech-savvy designer and an artistic developer, design and development can no longer remain alienated from one another.


It’s not just about getting the product out there. Performance, for any web or mobile property, is the key. Practice makes a man perfect, but continuous evaluation of the front-end and back-end makes your virtual product perfect, in terms of performance. Users are not interested in why and how disruptions may occur while accessing your digital property, this is where your CDN partner comes into play. Is it just about building the right things? No, even a great product requires performance evaluation. How does one go about it? Sign up to view our webinar to learn more.


Mobile app challenges and customer experience in the contemporary age:

How does one develop an ideal mobile property when users are not willing to spare more than a second for a response? One of the biggest challenges across mobile development is creating a product that only inculcates a personalized customer experience but also works well in conditions where infrastructure and bandwidth might be a constraint. No mobile session lasts for more than 72-seconds, and this short window is all a business has to retain, or get to know a customer, and if they fail, there is no going back since there are a flood of competitors ready to take over.


It all comes down to how close you can get to a personalized user experience. Getting it 100% right is as real as a unicorn, but that shouldn’t be a reason for companies to try.

Summing Up:

Companies and agencies involved in the design and development of web and mobile properties have access to voluminous data, but not the customers who create that data.  No business, not even Apple or Microsoft, can connect to all their customers directly, and therefore real time evaluation of performance, design, and other operational intricacies become necessary.


To dig deeper into how the development of web and mobile properties should be facilitated, sign up below and we’ll help you with the link to stream the webinar. For the ones looking to create or improve their existing digital solutions, get in touch with us at [email protected].

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