A Recap to our Webinar: Building and Scaling World-Class Digital Products

A Recap to our Webinar: Building and Scaling World-Class Digital Products

At Net Solutions, we strive to solve problems and address issues that will have an impact on the IT world of tomorrow. From breakthroughs that will change the way enterprises conduct their business, to technologies that will facilitate consumer utilization of virtual services, our objective has always been to be one step ahead, and offer solutions for unprecedented issues.

Building on our ideology, we recently hosted an exclusive live webinar in collaboration with Forrester. Abhi Garg, head of Products and Digital Business at Net Solutions and Somak Roy, senior analyst serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals from Forrester, came together to host the event.


Ranging from a conventional mobile app to the recently inducted conversational bot, an array of digital products has been inculcated into enterprise functions across the world. This very inculcation has changed the way enterprises outsource the development of these platforms. Traditional mechanisms of developing an application have become outdated, and the world is now driven by rapidly changing technology, business aspirations, and customer expectations.

The Journey from Minimal Viable Product to a Commercially Viable Product

Extensive documentation is a thing of the past; the old rules of management no longer apply in this era of rapid business change. However, many organizations are now wondering how to shift from a minimally viable product to a commercially viable one. How does one bridge this unpredictable journey and what factors must be taken into account when it comes to designing a product that works well for the targeted market?

Uber, in its initial days, capitalized on the inability of people to avail cabs on the go. With Uber, they could easily call a cab without running into the street to flag one down, or to chase one down the block. Today, we see countless enterprises offering routine utility services in a virtual form, because they were able to capture the user needs that required digitization.

The webinar focused on numerous parameters: from creating products that fit into people’s lives and making them indispensable to their functioning, to customer journey mapping, and ensuring that the experience and expectations of every user are taken into account for a successful product.

Product Management and Support in the Era of Continuous Delivery

In this era of dynamic competition, and unpredictable market trends, how does one go about offering support?

Initially it was all about resolving bugs and ensuring obligated upgrades, support has come a long way in managing digital products for effective functionality and operation. Today, enterprises largely depend on their product development partner for impeccable support.

We addressed, how the role of support has changed in recent years, more specifically in terms of building and scaling digital products; as well as what lies ahead for this necessary contributor to product development.

Selecting a Product Development Partner

Today, the businesses dwells on agile development, and when deciding on a services partner in product development, various factors must be evaluated, including their agility, expertise and experience.

Is that all one must look for?

Clearly, enterprises are now going beyond experience, expertise, and agility when it comes to evaluating the prospects of a product development services partner.

As a partner where can you upgrade yourself, and as an enterprise, how can you ensure that no problems occur once you begin the development of your digital product?

Addressing these questions, both Abhi Garg and Somak Roy emphasized how having the right product development partner can facilitate the progressive development of your digital product, and how it ensures success in the long run.


When it comes to building and scaling digital products, cost efficiency must take a backseat, allowing for more focus on customer experience and impact. It all comes down to how you relate customer acquisition and retention, to your digital product.

There are certain conventions that must be included in the digital product development process.  In the long run, a combination of the above-listed parameters ensures scalability of digital products; and that is what the webinar aimed to address.

If you are looking for any help on building any digital solution for better customer or employee engagement, this an area where we can help. Please contact us at [email protected].

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