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Ramanpreet Singh

Insights authored by Ramanpreet Singh

Ramanpreet Singh, currently an Associate QCM, brings a wealth of experience with 17 years in the tech industry, specializing in web and mobile app testing and delivery. A diverse range of personal interests complements his professional expertise.

Ramanpreet’s passion for travel is evident in his love for visiting hills and historical places, where he finds relaxation and inspiration.

True to his heart, Ramanpreet is a mechanical engineer who has transitioned into IT, but he still nurtures his original passion through his hobbies. He is an avid enthusiast of mending cars and bikes and biking, showcasing his technical and adventurous spirit.

When not at work, Ramanpreet dedicates his time to modifying and cleaning his bike and exploring culinary adventures in cooking. He also enjoys the sophisticated and soothing tones of jazz music and turns to this to ease his mind.

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