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    Filled with the energy of coding and development, he has made his way from a rookie developer to Project Lead all with his knowledge and thirst to learn and apply the best. Harpal Boparai’s devotion lies in practicing what is best according to the industry standards and he will never let you go without the perfect solution when you approach him with a query. A certified Google Clouds Developer he is the perfect example of how hard work makes one successful. Famous for his rib-tickling jokes amongst his friends, he is not just an experienced professional but also a knowledgeable guide for all his subordinates.

    The word “gamification” may often leave many organizations confused when ...

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    With Microsoft buying mobile tool-maker, Xamarin on February 24 this year, the techno...

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    python development services

    Anyone who deals with technical projects can be easily confused or frustrated by the ...

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    There are numerous ways which put websites and applications at risk, however the scal...

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    In a series of blog posts about Google Cloud and related products, we have already wr...

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