Abhi Garg

About the Author

Abhi has invested 14+ years in imagining and engineering products. He leads Agile teams that fuse the beauty of emotional design with the efficacy of well-engineered solutions that help brands and enterprises scale up to the challenges presented by the changing tastes of modern day consumer. At Net Solutions, he also heads Labs division, a team with singular vision to create exceptional Customer Experiences using Data Science and Analytics. Abhi has a formal education in Computer Science and has been awarded a Masters degree in the field by University of Southern California. In his spare time, he watches Formula 1 drivers burn rubber and likes to keep up with his fitness targets.


Every month at 3 PM IST (India Time) on payday, the recreational area at Net Solution...

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Discovery: The TV Channel. The Space Shuttle. 565 million search results in Google. W...

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