Dynamic Media: AEM Assets for eCommerce

Dynamic Media: AEM Assets for E-Commerce

“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans.”-Ken Blanchard

Customers buy on the basis of their experience they have with your brand. In today’s dynamic world of eCommerce, where brands and marketplaces are racing to grab consumer attention, building brand loyalty and making the brand stand out is a persistent theme with eCommerce players. AEM’s Dynamic Media is one such tool that can help marketers achieve this goal in a big way.

Elements of digital media like color swatches, high-quality images and videos, and 360 degree spins experienced through performance-optimized web and mobile apps create a captivating visual experience of a product. That, in turn, plays a crucial role in increasing customer engagement.

However, managing this kind of a connected, omnichannel, multimedia experience in real-time is a huge challenge for eCommerce players.

Multimedia Experience Management Challenges of eCommerce

Some of the key challenges faced by the eCommerce players in managing an enticing multimedia experience are:

1. High costs and long load time to create, manage and deliver high volumes of product images and videos for an engaging shopping experience across screens or devices.
2. Low conversion opportunities due to low-quality image and video experiences across devices.
3. Buyer drop-offs due to inability to make high traffic and shoppable images and videos.
4. High cost and dependency on creative agencies for creating multiple renditions of interactive and personalized content.

Understandably, an experience management platform, that can shrink away from the miseries of managing a digital media experience and bring in seamless creativity to allow your brand to stand out anywhere, anytime, is surely worth laying hands on. This is where the Dynamic Media element of AEM comes into play.

Let’s have a closer look.

Dynamic Media: AEM Assets for eCommerce

Dynamic Media is a feature unique to Adobe Experience Manager assets for managing and publishing rich digital media. It takes advantage of intelligent media transformation and delivery which helps in seamlessly create unlimited versions of an asset automatically for any media. This, in turn, helps in maintaining a high-end omnichannel multimedia experience for the platform users, ensuring enhanced customer engagement.

Let us discuss the key features of Dynamic Media.

1. One Master File, Unlimited Auto-Renditions

Dynamic Media AEM enables businesses to generate unlimited versions of a file on-demand, including variations in size, format, resolution, crop, effect, color, etc., using the original image.

This enables businesses to be flexible with customer demands for viewing rich media assets on different screen types without worrying about the additional production and storage costs of manipulating the original assets.

With build presets based on different options like re-sizing, color, crop, sharpening, etc., Dynamic Media takes care of handling the renditions and the delivery, seamlessly. It also has a built-in Responsive Web Design Library that assures images and rich media content are automatically sized for any device.

Dynamic content optimized for any screen or channel

2. Smart Imaging Technology

This feature of Dynamic Media automatically detects the available bandwidth of a device and the device type to dramatically minimize an image file size up to as much as 70 percent, ensuring a high-quality, fast-loading user experience.

3. Interactive Viewers

Before purchasing a product, customers intend to see a product in detail, with different colors, diverse angles, and different variations of the product. Ability to provide an in-depth visual analysis of a product and the ability to give the customers a sense of ownership of the product can be a breakthrough in customer engagement. However, this can be a very time consuming and costly affair.

Dynamic Media provides out of the box interactive viewers like Mixed Media Viewer, Mixed Media Inline, Flyout Viewer, Inline Zoom, Spin Viewer, and Color Swatches which provide close up details of the product, completely magnifying a customer’s viewing experience.

Color Swatch Set in Dynamic media

4. Dynamic Video

This feature of Dynamic Media requires zero effort in transcoding and delivery. It helps intelligently create full-size videos adaptable to all screens ensuring the quality of the video across devices regardless of the bandwidth. This ensures automatic video encoding and optimized delivery resulting in an enhanced experience.

Improved business value using dynamic Media

5. Interactive Experiences with Hotspots

Interactive experiences with hotspots boost conversion rates. There are high chances of conversion rates for brands when images, videos in high traffic pages are linked with product details. Creating shoppable media via traditional methods can be expensive and time-consuming.

However, with Dynamic Media, marketers can quickly create or modify existing banners, carousels, blogs and add interactivity using hotspots linking to product description, landing pages, lead generation forms and deliver them to any screen.

  • Marketers can author and create interactive banners by linking with landing pages, product quick views, etc.
  • They can create rotating interactive promotional banners which are more targeted in the market.
  • Responsive viewer technology resizes automatically to deliver the experience to any screen.

Create interactive and shoppable experiences with ease using Dynamic media

6. Shoppable Video

This feature enables eCommerce players to create enchanting experiences in seconds by enhancing a video with engaging, interactive media. Examples include: adding side-scrolling panels and call to action at the end of a video, mapping quick views of products and landing pages in a video, etc. which in turn make the video shoppable and the experience richer!

Enhance video with interactive moments with AEM


Most of the leading worldwide companies are increasingly using Dynamic Media for enriching their viewing experiences with rich media assets and augmenting the conversion rates of their websites.

Some of the indispensable benefits of using the Adobe Dynamic Media like sales on the go, boosted revenue, reduced bounce rates & sticky sites, and lower costs are the key drivers of aggressive deployment of this AEM Asset.

If you are an eCommerce player looking to engage your customers better, then this is an investment that can definitely maximize the returns on your investment by leaps and bounds.

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