Webinar: Building High Performing Web and Mobile Properties in 2017


In partnership with Forrester, we will be hosting our 2nd webinar, discussing the development of high-performing web and mobile properties in 2017.

Virtual presence via web sites, web apps, and mobile apps are indispensable for all businesses. Our webinar will focus on the considerations that should go into the development of a brand’s virtual presence. Given our experience with companies across the globe, we will be addressing the development, design, and user experience that ensure the success of the web and mobile properties – also referred to as digital properties or digital assets.

In the US alone, seven out ten people conduct their daily business on smartphones. In the UK, the number of mobile users has grown by almost 800% since 2009, signaling a rapid shift in the way the market has embraced mobility. Websites, mobile web, and mobile apps have all seen YoY (Year on Year) growth, pointing to a hybrid ecosystem where you can’t ignore any of them.

3 Reasons for you to Attend this Webinar:

1) Design and development of web properties:

Enterprises working towards a virtual presence in the form of apps and smartphones will have a lot to gain from this webinar. From understanding the market to meeting customer aspirations, the webinar’s objective is to address perceptions related to the development of mobile apps, web apps, mobile, and desktop web sites.


2) Working towards a personalized user experience:

Personalization is a vital ingredient for the success of your digital assets and provides you an edge over your competition.

3) Data Driven Insights as a tool for growth:

In an era of connected devices generating a large amount of data – it all needs to be stored, analyzed, archived and put to good use in the form of a feedback loop for your brand to make corrections.

Making UI and UX updates based on the events data is a good first step. There is no limit to what a company can do with the data at its disposal, and through this webinar, you can learn how to use this data to facilitate the growth of your web and mobile properties.


Who Should Attend this Webinar?

CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, product, marketing teams – anyone whose livelihood depends on the success of their business’s digital property. The webinar attempts to offer a unique perspective on items to consider as you set out to build and refine your digital assets in 2017.


Trends in 2017 and Beyond:

As smart apps and augmented reality are projected to become the main focus over the next couple of years, developers and companies will have limitless opportunities to scale their businesses. Driven by cloud computing and the availability of massive amounts of data, companies will have a lot to refer to when it comes to developing their web and mobile properties.

As a freelancer, developer, start-up, or a company, you must evaluate your web and mobile properties for performance, content, and revenue generation, since these aspects fuel your growth.


Tushar Gupta

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Working as a Senior Content Writer with Net Solutions, Tushar Gupta carries extensive experience in the realm of Content Creation, Social Media, and Digital Marketing. Along with being a political commentator on numerous portals, he has a keen interest in Cricket and History.

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