24 Hour Development Cycle

Call it what you prefer be that offshoring our outsourcing but this is a very real need for IT businesses and many of our clients in the West be that the USA and Europe find that Information technology outsourcing and offshore software development allow exploitation of the differing time zones and that means that you can reap the many benefits associated with a 24 development cycle.

Working with an offshore company in India presents USA based companies with a 12 hour time zone differential; depending of course whereabouts in the USA your business is located.  So both corporate customers located in the U.S. and Western Europe can see how a project can be developed (at least theoretically) almost 24 hours a day.

When companies outsource from the U.S to IT companies in India, it is possible to assign the work in the afternoon (U.S. time) and get it done in the morning because while it is night in USA. States. it is day in India, where work can continue uninterrupted.

It used to be that working in very different time zones that there was a danger that there were few hours of actual work overlap between the customer and the supplier, which could hinder the communication between them. Due to technological advances and intentional accommodation of dual hours and use of asynchronous media such as email this is no longer a barrier to any successful working relationship. Again, clients in Europe understand that this overlap is half a day and again, there are in reality no real disruptions to effective communication and project delivery can be factored in ahead of localized schedules.

While the time zone difference used to be seen as an obstacle now many companies work with a foreign partner for a 24-hour cycle of development to reduce time to market for their software development efforts intentionally. Offshoring offers better utilization of the multiple time zones and this really supports the need to shorten the cycle development of IT projects. Increasingly there is a business focus on both flexibility and speed and working with a professional team who operate as an extension of your business ensures you get all of these benefits working with you to enhance your commercial to success by minimising time to market or end user delivery depending on your project requirements.

By having access to a 24 hour development cycle this is a 24 hour service.  This equates to a reduction in response times to market and provides the USA or European business with speed, agility and flexibility, all leading to a competitive advantage. This can lead to strategic advantages and economic implications for all and better management and dissemination of knowledge across all areas of your business.

Abhay S. Kushwaha

About the Author

A sales/advertising/marketing enthusiast, Abhay got addicted to the Internet in mid-90s and has kept pace with its evolution and technology. This wide and deep exposure has helped him successfully lead multiple teams at Net Solutions. He's also involved in the (F)OSS movement and writes a personal blog about disparate things that interest him, ranging from science to performing arts.

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