11 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Mess Up Your Magento Store

11 Ways to Ensure You Don't Mess Up Your Magento Store

Most online merchants are aware of how resourceful Magento can help them be, because, arguably, Magento is the best ecommerce platform. It lets them apply a lot of ingenuity while creating their eCommerce stores. A significant number own Magento stores but running the stores successfully is not easy. Many Magento stores don’t survive and do well because their owners make mistakes they can easily avoid, even if they hire the best offshore Magento development company.

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The following are a few things that you, as a Magento store owner, can ensure to attain success, besides hiring Indian Magento Experts perhaps:

1. Ensure fast loading time for your website

This is among the most critical and common factors that can affect your e-commerce business. Online merchants often overload their stores with affiliate links and numerous product entries. The loading time for your web pages increases if you stuff your web portal in this manner and leads to your website loading too slowly. Research has shown that visitors abandon a site within a few seconds. So, if your site takes a long time to open, it is more likely that users will visit your competitors’ sites after abandoning yours.

2. Upgrade website design on regular basis

Business owners generally try to apply the best techniques and design when they set up new Magento stores. However, users continue to evolve with time and therefore it becomes essential after a period of time to improve your store with new features. So, you need to think again even about a design you think is perfect. You have to add exclusive layout, design and new functionalities to your site time and again to catch prospective buyers’ attention. You can contemplate seeking custom Magento development service as a part of the process.

3. Provide site search functionality

As you must be aware, online stores generally have a large number of product categories. So, finding a product from among a long list of categories can be difficult for customers. Sometimes customers already know the product they need and are looking for it. Others have needs that are specific but can’t figure out the category in which to look for. These customers require a search functionality. Thus, it’s significant for the search functionalities of eCommerce websites to operate and offer relevant results for searches. You may also want to consider indexation of blog posts, news, etc., besides the products.

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4. Provide clear product pictures and product categories

When customers shop online, they often have limited product knowledge. Product pictures have an important role to play in customers getting an accurate product perception. Therefore, uploading high quality pictures of products helps shoppers decide whether the products are likely to meet their requirements. Small or unclear product images may create a negative impression.

Consider the customers’ perspective when you draw up a list of the product categories you want to add to your store. Name the product categories to make it easy for shoppers to find the items they want to buy.

5. Use top Magento features to set cross sells, up sells and related products and manage multiple stores

As a merchant, you should know about the advanced functionalities that Magento offers before you set up an online store. Otherwise you will never experience the platform’s power fully and benefit from all of the functional opportunities. Magento supports different product types and you can set related products, up sells and cross sells. You just have to open a product on your store and go through the tabs down the right for to enable the functionality for cross sells, for example. You can look through your catalogue for items that you think are suitable as cross sells and tick the corresponding boxes.

Multi-store support is another powerful feature. You can manage a number of stores from a single administrative panel. It’s time saving and convenient when you have several stores to manage.

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6. Go mobile

People are using their smartphones and tablets more and more to surf the web and to make purchases, as mobile devices are gaining acceptance. So, your website should run trouble free on such devices, even if you don’t have a mobile app yet for your ecommerce store. The look and feel of the website needs to be appropriate for the various kinds of mobile devices on which it’s likely to be run. It’s not necessary to make the mobile website a smaller version of the desktop site as not all the information on the desktop version is needed on mobile.

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7. Don’t ignore blog and social media

Many ecommerce store owners think that their stores don’t need blogs. According to them, buyers visit their stores only to buy something. However, that’s not the case. As new e-commerce stores continue to emerge, you have to give buyers reason to visit again. To retain the customers’ attention, you have to form bonds with them. Blogs represent a great option to communicate with customers. You can present solutions and answers to customers’ issues and queries through your blog, besides letting them know about your latest offerings. It’s a great way to engage with customers about what you do and who you are.

Similarly, social media can help you analyze and respond to what customers are saying about your business. You can thank customers if they give positive feedback about your store and also address complaints, if any. You may not be active on all social channels, but you need to at least monitor what your customers are saying about you.

8. Give due importance to shipping options

The shipping options you provide for your Magento store influence the behavior and attitudes of online buyers significantly. Nearly 4 out of 10 online shoppers abandon shopping carts due to the delivery price and time quoted for the products. However, a number of online store owners don’t pay sufficient attention to delivery price and method. So, you have to give due importance to offer the shipping options that can bring your website higher traffic.

Research has shown that free shipping helps bring more visitors to ecommerce sites. Also, providing too many shipping options can be detrimental and confuse customers during the checkout process. Generally, two methods covering alternative scenarios are sufficient.

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9. Don’t disable or block customer reviews

Reviews of products are good indicators of their value and are among the simplest ways to add social proof to products and earn the trust of potential customers. That’s because shoppers search online for reviews concerning the products they are looking for to find the best ecommerce store. You need not block negative reviews but rather learn from them as to where things may have gone wrong.

It is easy to enable customer reviews on your Magento store.

Customer Reviews

10. Provide quick customer service, before and after sale

Prospective customers will always have questions about your services or products even when you provide clear descriptions on your website. It’s significant to answer the questions in time or the prospects will click away to another store.

After you sell something online, there are chances that something will go wrong even with the best product. It can be related to wrong product choice, damage to the product or delay in delivery. Regardless of what may have caused the problem, the customer is likely to hold you responsible. So, you have to ensure that your store’s customer service can handle the situation well and leave a positive impression ultimately

11. Use website analytics and research new products

You can determine the strong and weak points of your website’s content through analytics. Determine through analytics which marketing activities get the best results. Set up Google Analytics or other such scripts for statistics collection in conjunction with Magento to collect the data.

You may use the data you collect to find out about products you can offer for up sell or cross sell and also about new products or product lines you can introduce.

Website Analytics


Avoid making the mistakes you are most likely to while getting your Magento store up and running and even later, by taking care of the above mentioned points.

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11 Ways to Ensure You Don't Mess Up Your Magento Store
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11 Ways to Ensure You Don't Mess Up Your Magento Store
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