• 11 Reasons Why Retailers Must Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

    Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2

    For every e-commerce leader, creating an unforgettable experience for users is the top priority. Keeping that in mind, retailers do their best to engage or attract customers – right from enhancing the page loading speed to delivering a mobile-friendly browsing experience.

    Magento, with its unmatched compatibility and top-rated features, continues to be the first choice for over 524k merchants and the numbers continue to grow. Despite its popularity and flexibility, Magento’s version 1, has been continually under scrutiny for performance related issues, including a poor page load speed. Therefore, the Magento team has since been on the lookout for a solution to the problem and recently launched the upgraded platform: Magento 2.

    Magento 2 has turned out to be a huge upgrade from Magento 1.x versions – especially when it comes to performance and usability – and with Magento’s support for 1.x versions set to wrap up by November 2018, this is the ideal time for Magento users to start moving on to their next platform.

    Magento 2 stores are gaining popularity because of its excellent features. Retailers are also paying careful consideration to the store design and navigation to improve the experience it offers. The User Experience (UX) has dependably been crucial to e-commerce success and 2018 is no exception. Actually, retailers are smarter than ever now and expect outstanding UX from the site they visit. A rich and consistent user experience is important to engage and attract the visitors to close the purchase.

    In this article, we’ll learn why it is so inevitable for retailers to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, before that, let’s look –

    Facts That You Need to Know

    • According to the e-commerce stats., 19,336 business websites use Magento 2 nowadays.
    • Retail apps capture 42% of mobile revenue for the top 500 retailers.
    • As per statistics, in 2021, 53.9 percent of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated through m-commerce.
    • Overall m-commerce revenues added up to 96.34 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 and are set to outperform 693 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

    The Need to Shift from Magento 1 to Magento 2

    Magento 2 is very promising and has so many reasons that make a retailer to take a decision to not only boost up the e-commerce store but also revamp for a new look and feel. Here are the few reasons why retailers must shift to Magento 2:

    1. Improved Performance and Scalability


    There’s no doubt that Magento 2 performs superior to Magento 1 in all cases. It accompanies an improved indexer that helps in increasing its query performance speed. The indexing is a kind of strategy used to renew retailer’s data, for example, catalog data, costs, stores, users, and so on by making index tables and refreshing them consistently to help enhance the query speed and the performance of the web store. Moreover, Magento 2 uses Varnish cache, the prominent HTTP accelerator technology which makes it simple to cache requests.

    This makes it simple for more than one admin users to create as well as edit e-commerce products information without data conflicts in Magento 2. Magento 2 has enhanced performance and scalability because it:

    • Improves web pages for faster delivery
    • Boosts server response times for all website activities
    • Enhances proficiency of backend operations
    • Enhances database flexibility and scalability to deal with peak loads

    2. Improved Checkout Process


    The checkout process is one of the vital factors to e-commerce sites that decide whether you make sales or not. This is one reason why many users abandon their shopping carts. Nobody likes abandoned carts. It is neither a good experience for retailers nor for customers. If the checkout process in your store is mind boggling – you will have an increasing number of abandoned carts. This procedure turns out to be very lengthy and tedious if it occurs through work areas. Magento 2 platform gives simple and safe checkout to your e-commerce site. When people can buy things with just a tap, it is sure to improve the traffic on your e-store.

    Magento 2 gives an approach to recognize visitors as their guests. This eradicates the login or registrations form that is required for users to continue the checkout process. Also, it offers an active shipping rate as per country, region, or postal code. In Magento, you can you can easily integrate the convenient payment method into the checkout procedure. There are several payment options available that include Paypal and Braintree. You can make your own particular favored payment modules with easy integration with any merchant checkout platform. Magento 2 checkout process, likewise, comprises the order summary where you’ll see the summary of your shipping information.

    These features help reduce checkout hassle and enhance customer experience. It places customers in control of the whole checkout procedure. It even lessens the time it takes to checkout, boosting up your conversion rate while reducing cart abandonment.

    3. Mobile-friendly and Responsive Design


    We are living in an era of smartphones. The internet is changing the way information is being accessed. Quite a while back, you were able to use internet on your computers, but now you can even browse on laptops, mobiles, watches, laptops, etc. There is no better time to guarantee that you have an e-commerce website that is more mobile- friendly.

    In this manner, Magento 2 offers mobile-friendly and responsive designs for delivering the perfect checkout experience to everyone around the world. With it, you can build an e-commerce site that is supported by various devices including mobile using any screen resolutions. Magento 2 is easy to use apps that will boost up your conversion rate and help your business to grow in a matter of seconds.

    The Magento 2 admin panel is touchscreen friendly and makes it easy to deal with your store via your mobiles or tablets. A mobile-friendly e-commerce website makes your site engaging, easy to use, and easy to navigate irrespective of the device and its resolutions. Magento 2 makes your site to emerge and customers can see your products and place order effortlessly on your e-commerce store.

    4. A More Organized Admin Interface

    The admin panel of Magento’s first version was always criticized for its complexity. While comparing Magento 1 with 2, the admin panel in Magento 2 is more user-friendly. The new dashboard shows lifetime sales, average order, last orders, last and top search terms – helping to monitor your current state of the business.

    It is a modern admin interface that allows users to easily navigate all parts of the admin panel, find information easier and manage the store more efficiently. Now, the admin panel can be customized as per your convenience. This personalizes each admin panel for every user, in order to increase productivity when managing products, orders, and customer data. Creating products in the admin panel is easier than before with 4x faster product import capabilities.

    5. Easy to Upgrade

    magento 2 organized admin interface

    Magento 2 is a continuous process and easy to upgrade to enhance the platform. It offers security patches to help retailers stay secure. This requires the release of new versions every now and then. The redesign enhances the e-commerce experience for you as well as your customers. Once the customer experience is boosted, it will automatically increase your sales through increased productivity.

    This will create an amazing experience for your customers. When customers are happy, they will return to purchase more from your store. Regular updates mean experiencing new and exciting features. When a new version is released, developers look for how to include new features and enhance old ones to provide a better user experience.

    6. Enhanced Security

    Magento 2 has put a lot of focus on security, and subsequently, it has more secure information handling. With its main focus on securing user details and offering a secured checkout process, this new version will fulfill every crucial requirement of an advanced e-commerce store. Select any payment method to complete the transaction in the advanced e-commerce website and let the version secure your crucial details. High security will offer more protection.

    magento 2 enhanced security

    7. Offers Lots of Key Integrations

    Magento 2 is designed to offer many key integrations that are useful extensions. The Magento 2 extensions are medium that helps you carry out crucial activities in your e-store. It enhances the features and the functionalities of your e-commerce store. Many retailers are using them to run their e-commerce business to customize their e-store as per requirement. The Magento 2 extensions include payment gateways such as Paypal, Braintree, and so forth. This gives payment options to your customers to make a wise selection and helps in enhancing sales.

    8. Instant Purchase

    The instant purchase feature helps customers to make orders quickly with the easy checkout process. When a customer comes on your e-commerce website to make a purchase, they tap on the instant purchase button on the detail page of the product. Then, they are redirected to a confirmation page, where they can place their order.

    The instant purchases use Braintree Vault which is available on Braintree credit card, Braintree PayPal, and PayPal Payflow expert for stored payment information. This cuts down the amount of time it will take to place an order by 90 percent. It is useful for mobile shopping as it makes it easy to place orders.

    It even promotes impulse purchases because customers can easily place orders on the go without following checkout processes. A study shows that 88.6% of Americans have fallen prey to impulsive online shopping. This means you will make a profit with your e-commerce website.

    9. Email Marketing Automation

    magento 2 email marketing automation

    One of the latest features of Magento 2.2. is the dotmailer email marketing automation. It allows merchants to create campaigns in a few minutes. You can create automated campaigns through SMS, Push, email and other channels and manage transactional emails for your Magento stores. Dotmailer’s toolset is easy to use. In case you need their assistance, they offer 24 x 5 to solve customers’ problems. You can test out dotmailer by signing up for their free 14-day trial.

    10. Advanced Reporting

    The report is refreshed ceaselessly to demonstrate new information. This element gives you the understanding, information, and measurements you have to all the more likely deal with your web-based business.

    Magento 2 advanced reporting

    When it comes to getting success in your e-commerce business, reporting is very crucial. The new advanced reporting features, located in Magento Admin, offer 20 reports through its web interface. This feature gives you insight into three critical areas, such as:

    • Orders – the number of orders, AOV, and taxes and shipping fees collect
    • Customers – the number of registered accounts
    • Products – the number of products orders and which product sells best

    The report is updated continuously to show new information. This feature offers you the understanding and metrics you need to better manage your e-commerce business.

    11. Email Advertising Computerization

    One of the most recent highlights of Magento 2.2. is the dotmailer email advertising computerization. It enables traders to make crusades in a couple of minutes. You can make mechanized crusades through SMS, Push, email and different channels and oversee value-based messages for your Magento stores. Dotmailer’s toolset is anything but difficult to utilize. If you require their help, they offer 24 x 5 to take care of clients’ issues. You can try out dotmailer by agreeing to accept their free 14-day preliminary.

    When You should Upgrade to Magento 2

    Are you still using Magento 1 for your store? Then, you need to move to Magento 2 sooner or later as there will be no security patches released and Magento will quit working internally. Despite the fact that migrating to Magento 2 is a daunting task, it’s a great deal of work as you will basically be updating your site.

    Also, if you are planning to have the main work done on your site, you should consider migrating to Magento 2 in order to save cost and time. It’s better to migrate your e-commerce business before the year’s end. This is because migration can take around 3 to 6 months and if you don’t begin now, then you won’t be able to do it before the year’s end.

    Migrating to Magento 2

    Migrating to Magento 2 is a daunting task because it comes with many architecture and design. It can be overpowering to start thinking about how to move. Actually, the process probably won’t work as you imagined, this is the reason you need to hire a Magento developer to help you out. This will help you save cost, time, and you will have an ideal design by the day’s end.


    Thus, migration from Magento 1 to 2 is a must for retailers. It is no surprise that with all the above-mentioned reasons, many retailers are choosing Magento 2 nowadays. It allows them to make their e-commerce website support a wide range of functionalities and offer faster time to respond to users. To deliver a good customer experience, the website needs optimization and offer new features to customers.

    If you are looking for any help to migrate from Magento 1 to 2 or create digital solutions for better customer engagement, we can help. Please contact us at info@netsolutions.com.

    migrate from magento 1 to magento 2

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