Top 10 Productivity Apps That Could Save Your Time and Effort

Top 10 Productivity Apps

When it comes to staying competitive in the market, businesses are always buckling up. Several companies are now leveraging the power of mobile apps to increase the skills of their employees. This further helps them in increasing the productivity of employees to deliver better results to clients.

Mobile technology plays an important role in almost every aspect of businesses today, right from intrapersonal communication and sharing project information, to connect with clients, networking, management, and so on.

Due to the high usage of smartphones, mobile apps, and the growing IoT market, the growth of the mobile app development market is rapid. This makes the businesses go for mobile app development to stand out from the crowd. In order to enhance efficiency within the working environment, organizations need to pick the best apps that enable them to work smartly, stay focused, and complete tasks within the given timeframe.

Here is a round-up of top 10 effective productivity apps that would be absolutely valuable in improving productivity at the workplace. Take a look:


If you are a kind of person who is always on the move and needs to take a remote access to your main computer at times, then for you there’s nothing better than TeamViewer. The app lets you remotely control Windows, Linux, or Mac no matter where the systems are located.


And it is much more than the name suggests. The app, in fact, offers you remote access to as well as control of the computers you are viewing, through TeamViewer as though you’re sitting in front of them. This proves to be very helpful in getting your work done while you’re still away.

Moreover, it’s convenient for technical support. If you need to help someone else with their technical issue, ask them to install TeamViewer. It’s very useful in remote problem-solving for other users’ computers.


  • Free for personal use
  • Paid for commercial use

G Suite

G Suite, otherwise called Google Apps, is considered a collaborative and productivity tool for businesses. There are several businesses that are using the G Suite in the work environment to scale up and become significantly greater.

G Suite

G Suite is a set of intellectual apps such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and more which unites everybody in your organization, regardless of where they are or what device they are using to manage tasks and projects. Everything therein can be accessed and managed online.

Note: G Suite is a paid app service



Buffer saves your hours of managing the social media. It’s a scheduling app that allows you to pre-schedule or plan the social media publishing calendar and publish them at a specific time or when your audience is more active. Studies have shown that Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are more active at a particular time period.

So, instead of staying up at crazy hours to reach your audience, you can simply pre-schedule your social media posts at various time schedules for a specified period.


  • Free for Individuals
  • Paid for businesses


Slack is an ideal tool for all those who are the not so tech-savvy. The app allows you to organize or manage communication in a message-forum format that includes features like file sharing, video calling, notifications, archiving, and so on. Using Slack for all business communication needs can enormously chop down the time you spend on emails.


Slack delivers both communication and collaboration on a single plate with the help of Electron structure. Also, you can include your co-workers in your team to form a group on slack to work with them in order to increase productivity and accountability.

Note: Slack is free but for premium features, you need to pay

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is the app that includes to-do lists to manage and plan your day easily. Whether it’s offices, schools, or home, To-Do will enable you to boost your efficiency and keep down your anxiety level that a haphazard work can trigger. To-Do has an exclusive way of composing your tasks into lists. Then, it combines those lists into a My Day view to clear the chaos and keep your work sorted.

To-Do syncs with your computer and phone so that you can access to-dos from anywhere and everywhere. You can easily add, organize, and schedule your to-dos while you’re on-the-go.

Note: The free version of Microsoft To-Do offers just about everything you need.


Evernote is a kind of notebook app where you can jot down your ideas and format them with rich content, checklists for quick to-dos, and reminders for important notes to remember. You can drag or drop the files and use the built-in camera tool to scan documents, check archives, and keep track of receipts, forms, tickets, and more.


Evernote, for businesses, is helpful in several ways, like managing work data into separate notebooks, tags to build a custom profitability framework, or depend on its search tool that identifies content in images and scans.

Note: Evernote is a free app service, but paid for premium and businesses


MindMeister‘s mind maps help to add up your idea by executing everything together. Double tap anywhere on its canvas to add up a new idea that is listed in your mind. Include your team to help by adding as many solutions for an issue as they can.


It is a great way to draft your ideas and figure out things on paper. With the help of MindMeister, you can take your ideas anywhere. Involve your team to work together on your plan to transform them into quick action plans with MeisterTask project tool.

Note: MindMeister is a paid app service



Pixlr is the best tool to edit, rotate, resize, blur, sharpen, heal, or fix images. It even adds style effects, stickers, borders, and content to make fun graphics from your photographs. For professionals, Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Pro include layers, Photoshop-style tools, smart healing tools, editing history, and other advanced editing options. The Pro version can even import Photoshop and Sketch apps to edit from your browser.

Note: Pixlr is a free app service and its Pro version comes with additional features of an image editing software like PhotoShop or Sketch.


ClickUp is a project management tool, offering the all-in-one communication solution for businesses. ClickUp creates tasks and organizes them at the same time. Regardless of whether your focus is marketing, development, design, or several other business roles – the platform offers the hierarchy of including projects, to-do lists, and organizing tasks.


You can add or remove features like multiple assignees, priorities, and due dates. This will enable you to recreate your experience on the platform, and bring output to your workplace team to deliver what you need.

Note: ClickUp is free but for premium features, you need to pay.


WebEx helps businesses in organizing online meetings and web collaboration among employees, and between employees and clients. This keeps employees connected, happy, and focused thus resulting in better performance and caters to resolve their primary concern. With WebEx, no download is required, and your audience does not need to subscribe to watch and listen.


WebEx allows sharing documents, presentations, or applications easily.  You can begin from scratch and work on a project together. WebEx enables users to access and control their computer screens to boost any addressing need.

Note: WebEx is a paid service app


Remember! Time is an important factor. No matter how many man-hours you put in, it will always seem too little if you aren’t managing your time and work efficiently. Hence, you need to use your time wisely and effectively to make your business more productive.

Technology can serve as a helping hand to enhance your work efficiency. Productivity apps not only help in improving the quality of your work but also help you manage the time you spend delivering the task.

Try a few of the above apps and don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section given below on how they helped you increase your organization’s productivity.

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