10 Best Productivity Apps To Manage Your Business Growth

Best Productivity Apps

Getting organized and productive at work is easier than ever with these ten best productivity apps.

An organization’s growth is highly dependent on its productivity. The environment of a workplace largely determines how good or bad a business will perform. With the right tools and resources, employees can perform better and faster in much less time. Thus, productivity plays a crucial role that can result in enormous strategic growth for a company.

Regardless of whether you think of yourself to be a competent manager or an employee, there are ample opportunities to improve your proficiency, lessen pressure and increase output. And, in the era of digital transformation, what’s better than using the productivity apps. They streamline the process for you and your team, and manage tasks on-the-go, regardless of time or location.

Here are a few eye-opening statistics on workplace organizations:

  • Employees waste about 40% of every workday due to disorganization.
  • Employees spend around 150 hours constantly searching for their data/information.
  • Offices lose an average of one out of every 20 documents and spend another 25 hours to recreate the lost document.
  • Using the correct organizational tools can improve time management by 38%, Mobile Technology Product.

Are you looking to mechanize your core business processes and save time, effort, and money? If yes, here is a list of the top 10 best productivity apps that you should look at.

The Best Productivity Apps of 2020

The best productivity apps mentioned below cover various categories such as accounting, sales, management, payment processing, data storage, project management, scheduling, marketing, web-designing and development, and blogging.

1. Buffer

Buffer saves your hours of managing social media. It’s a scheduling app that allows you to plan the social media publishing calendar in advance and post at a specific time depending on when your audience is most active. With Buffer, you can schedule your social media posts with ease on different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Buffer makes social media planning and management efficient and ensures timely posting of your content.

Key Features of Buffer

  • 2-step account login for extensive security
  • Customized scheduling and social profile sharing
  • Numerous posts and tweets with one click
  • Team collaboration through administrator rights
  • Profile management with analytics, insights, statistics monitoring and comparison
  • Multi-media format sharing
  • RSS feeds connectivity

2. Pocket

The Pocket app helps you save articles, links, videos, pictures, and so on to be able to easily access them later. You don’t need to visit other websites and social sites, Pocket will get the information for you and show on its interface. This productivity app results in improving user experience that gets better with every release.


Key Features of Pocket

  • Automatically syncs with your tablet, PC, and smartphone
  • Buttons for blogs that allow readers to save articles for offline reading
  • Offline access to view articles and web pages
  • Advanced search through Title or URL
  • Sorted search results by relevance or date saved
  • Recommended tags for quick organization

3. TeamViewer

If you are the kind of person who is always on the move and needs remote access to your computer often, then there’s nothing better than TeamViewer. The app lets you remotely control Windows, Linux, or Mac no matter where the systems are located.

team viewer

Key Features Of TeamViewer

  • Remotely access and control work areas securely and safely
  • Use of AR (Augmented Reality) for technical support
  • Alternative to costly VPN
  • Helps you drag and drop files from one computer to another
  • Advance security and protection with McAfee, Comodo secure, and so on.

4. G Suite

G Suite is a collaborative and productivity tool for businesses. The standard package consists of 30 GB of online storage with options to upgrade to unlimited space. It even permits you to create spreadsheets, docs, drawings, presentations, and much more.

g suite

Features of G Suite

  • Easy access to store documents and find them whenever you need
  • Lets you transfer documents among PCs, tablets, or smartphones to supervise projects and tasks
  • Provides professional as well as free business email
  • Eliminates the need to use various apps for essential business functions
  • The cloud search feature manages the company’s content in G Suite that includes drive, docs, slides, calendars, sheets, and more.

5. Asana

Asana is a collaborative project management tool that lets your team manage complex information in an easier way. The app lets you save time, reduce distractions, and enhance productivity among team members.


Key Features of Asana

  • Offers easy collaboration among team members to handle difficult projects
  • Avoids miscommunication on task due dates
  • Maintains a to-do list and uses templates to save time
  • Permits clients to manage projects on a single intuitive interface
  • Offers project management tools to plan better projects

6. Slack

Slack is an ideal tool for all those who are not-so-tech-savvy. With more than 8 million active users, Slack is a productivity app for the office to initiate chat among employees. Using Slack for all business communication can enormously chop down the time you spend on emails.


Slack delivers both communication and collaboration on a single plate with the help of Electron structure. Also, you can include your co-workers in your team to form a group on slack to work with them in order to increase productivity and accountability.

Key Features of Slack

  • Various team channels to coordinate as per tasks, projects, or teams via relevant threads
  • Drag and drop for file uploads
  • Audio and video calls among team member or clients to coordinate
  • Allows you to tag respective team members and clearly allot tasks
  • Additional features include emoji support, ability to star, pin messages, and archive chat
  • Hundreds of third-party application integrations

7. Evernote

Evernote, never let your ideas slip by! It is a kind of notebook where you can jot down your ideas and format them for quick to-dos, and reminders for important notes. It helps you recount all the brilliant ideas you come up with while on-the-go. The app is available on various platforms and allows you to store your ideas by voice, text, or image. You can look for your notes through keywords and tags.


Key Features of Evernote

  • Ability to capture and save photos, files, links, notes, web clips, travel documents, etc.
  • Offers on-the-go note-taking with Geolocation and search options
  • Syncs handmade sketches with notes on any device
  • Audio records, share notes and collaborates on files
  • Bookmarks web pages
  • ffers quick Google sign-in
  • Single storage for online resources

8. MindMeister

MindMeister is a robust tool that helps you jot down your ideas by double-tapping anywhere on the canvas. You can add up your team members to your mind map where they can upvote or downvote ideas, and leave comments.


It is a great way to draft your ideas and figure out things on paper. Involving your team to work together on your plan helps transform them into quick action plans with the MeisterTask project tool.

Key Features of MindMeister

  • kanban-style project management app
  • Built-in presentations with File attachments
  • Customized themes and shareable links of mind map templates
  • Due dates and priorities can be managed
  • History mode for recovering the old ideas
  • Integration with MeisterTask for project management
  • Meeting management within particular mind maps

9. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management tool, offering an all-in-one communication solution for businesses. ClickUp creates tasks and organizes them at the same time. Regardless of whether your focus is on marketing, development, design, or other business roles – the platform offers the options of including projects, to-do lists, and organizing tasks.


Key Features of ClickUp

  • Create multiple lists to keep track of all your activities -start time, due date, priorities, add comments, smart search, calendars
  • Enables rich customization for each team individually
  • Includes features needed for project management such as checklists, layouts, tasks, Gantt charts, and dependencies
  • Drag and drop tasks from anywhere in ClickUp – List, Board, or Box view
  • Includes additional features like tables, mind maps, communications, and document inserts

10. Trello

Trello is a well-designed and popular service for organizing, managing, and sharing everything from easy to-dos to important projects. Getting started is as easy as hauling cards onto a Trello board. For every task, you need to create cards that describe single tasks with deadlines and priorities. Once the task is done, the cards are simply transferred from one column to another.


Key Features of Trello

  • Library of power-ups and custom cards to integrate a host of third-party services into your workflow
  • A stack of inventive features making it user-friendly
  • Easy for collaborative teams to work on projects with multiple collaboration tools
  • Adding new tasks, reassigning tasks, deadlines, discussions with your team members, and much more possible in real-time

How Can Productivity App Development Help Businesses?

When every individual within an organization is connected and involved, the productivity of the organization naturally improves. And, the whole business experiences a positive push.

With the help of productivity app development, businesses can leverage the below-listed things:

  • Adaptability to work from anywhere and anytime
  • Enhanced possibility of new opportunities
  • Improvement in work speed and productivity
  • Help in project management and tracking regular processes
  • Fixing meetings and discussions via audio calls, messaging, and video conferences

Want to develop one such unique app for your business? Connect with us to find out how we can help build the ideal productivity app for Android and iOS that can power your business.


No matter how many man-hours you put in, they will always seem too little if you aren’t managing your time and work efficiently. Hence, you need to use your time wisely and effectively to make your business more productive.

Running a small business means taking care of endless tasks. To stay organized, focused, and balanced through everything can be a challenge for any small enterprises. Nevertheless, technology can serve as a helping hand to enhance your work efficiency. By using these ten best productivity apps, it’s easy to create a place where you and your team can get things done within time.

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