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We build innovative, versatile Hybrid apps for Startups & Enterprises.

Accelerate your time to market, optimize your budget & transform your business.

The Net Solutions Approach

Expert, full-service hybrid app development

Savvy cross-channel mobile strategy is built on numerous factors, including speed to market, compatible technology, easy updates, and overall cost-effectiveness — and only hybrid app development encompasses it all. Our multiplatform mobile technology experts engineer high-performing hybrid apps that deliver excellent engagement and conversions across platforms, devices, industries, and audiences.

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Hybrid App Development Services

With a deep understanding of advanced hybrid app frameworks, we offer a complete spectrum of development Services, from strategic ideation to engineering, optimization, testing, and support and maintenance. We ensure the goals for your business, be it B2B, B2C, or B2B2C, are met by an exceptional product experience that delights your users and bolsters your bottom line.

Hybrid App Development Services

Hybrid App Development for Startups and Enterprises

A hybrid approach is one of the smartest ways for startups to get the next big thing quickly to market with a cost-effective, resourceful cross-platform mobile strategy. Our agile process supports an extremely efficient workflow, and our experienced developers are skilled at leveraging trends and the latest technology to ensure consistently strong performances on both Android and Apple products.

For our enterprise clients, who are often driven by tight budgets and turnarounds, a hybrid app solution provides the ultimate opportunity to optimize native features while enjoying the benefit of a platform-agnostic solution. By aligning workflows with business objectives, we design and develop custom internal-use solutions delivered through MDMs. We’re also experienced in app redesign, providing value every step of the way for an impactful, productivity-enhancing application.

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When it comes to designing feature-rich apps for all mobile platforms, Xamarin tops the list of versatile, flexible cross-platform solutions. Our Xamarin development team leverages its robust single technology stack, saving you time and resources while effectively delivering a seamless, reliable, intuitive user experience across platforms.

React Native
React Native

For a native-like experience for end-users, React Native is an excellent choice. Its high degree of code reuse combined with best UI practices for each platform empowers our developers to deliver high-performing, bug-free apps. We’ve been working with React Native since it launched — and we especially appreciate how it helps accelerate cross-platform development, so we can pass efficiencies along to our clients.

Success Stories

  • Brand Campaign Activation App

    The app connects retailers with brands directly to review available brand campaigns they can run at their premises and to provide proof of campaign activation for promised benefits.

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  • Caddi Case Study

    Golf-Course On-Demand Ordering

    Golfers use the app to review & order refreshments from the golf-course on-demand. The orders are routed to and then serviced by the on-course beverage cart directly.

  • Standard Case Study

    Medical Info Reference App

    The app allows both general users and medical professionals to search for & get access to comprehensive information & education of various medical subjects.

  • Real-Events Listing App

    The users can filter for events related to their interest to know where and when to reach a place to participate and create real-life connections with people of similar interests. The event organisers can create listings to promote their events.

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  • Cool Date Night Case Study

    Date Night Help

    The app helps users create a memorable date night with curated content of context-specific conversational helpers like questions, anecdotes, discussion points, etc.

  • X-Guard Case Study

    Duty Roster & Logging App

    A companion app of the Crossing Guard platform, the app provides duty roster to empanelled staff where they can also log their attendance.


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