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A cross-channel mobility strategy and a goal of faster time to market on iOS and Android mobile app platforms have one thing in common: Hybrid Mobile Frameworks provide a strong alternative to native development. We provide reliable & robust hybrid mobile application development services.

Use the same technology used in popular apps!

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Hybrid App Development Services

Net Solutions offers a wide range of world-class professional hybrid application development services for our global clients, from a bootstrapped startup to a large enterprise.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Our expert hybrid mobile app developers build your iOS & Android applications in an industry-leading framework like IBM Worklite, Ionic, PhoneGap, Sencha, Kendo UI from the ground up using best coding practices and libraries.

Migration to Hybrid Frameworks

Take advantage of hybrid apps simpler code management & maintenance requirements and migrate your mobile apps from other tech stacks to a popular hybrid mobile app framework.

Support & Maintenance

Join global brands that trust Net Solutions to provide support & maintenance services by moving your hybrid mobile app projects to our top mobile app developers.

Independent Testing

Double-check your hybrid mobile apps with our mobile & product testing services including functionality testing, code review, load testing, and more.

Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks

Net Solutions provides a hybrid mobile application development in all popular frameworks to transfer the benefits of best open source platforms to our clients.

  • Rupert Forsythe

    They are excellent. One of the key things that makes Net Solutions work so well for us is their background processes used to deliver a project. This combined with great people and the invaluable advice we have received from CEO to the graphic designers, to business analysts is what sets them apart.

    Rupert Forsythe


Hybrid Mobile Apps Features

Web Technology Stack

Build mobile apps using HTML5, JS & CSS

Multi-Platform Compatibility

With web technologies, apps just run on any platform.

Offline Use

Mobile apps are usable offline or in low-speed connectivity

Fast Time to Market

Single code-base & lower testing overheads speed up go-to-market.

Lowest Cost Mobile Application Development

Ecosystem designed to bring down the cost of development.

Wide Industry Exposure

Net Solutions mobile app developers have produced successful mobile apps for a diverse range of use cases:

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