Capture & visualise your business data for critical insights using best-in-class data wrangling tools & data science. The never-ending streams of data generated by your business every second represent an opportunity to leverage it with the right technologies & tools as part of an intelligent data strategy. Net Solutions data consulting services help you to make effective data-driven decisions for your company.

Our experts focus on the patterns behind the numbers, proving insights at multiple levels. The generated reports, visualisations, and recommendations are aligned to your growth goals and help you in uncovering exactly what changes you need to make and where, to pursue those goals effectively. Our processes are based on Design Thinking & Human Centred Design principles, and we recognise that sometimes you are your own customer.

Customer Journey Analytics Use Cases

Digital CX Strategy and Insights

  • Digital technologies enable customers to reach out to services or brands through a channel of their choice and they enjoy using several different channels. This increase in the number of digital touchpoints, however, has made customer experiences more complex, adding to the challenges businesses face in delivering personalised experiences to their customers.

    Hence, they need a digital customer experience strategy to ensure they create the right experiences to meet customers' expectations, and invest in the right technologies to deliver these personalised experiences.

    • Customer Research and Insights
    • Customer Journey Mapping & Customer Journey Analytics
    • CX Optimisation Strategy
Digital Touchpoints
  • Advanced data analytics & visualisation pulls together all of the information from all of your sources, including your reports, dashboard, alerts, notifications, metrics, scorecards, mobile BI, budgeting, planning, forecasting and more. Our data scientists use industry-leading tools & best practices to analyse the data and present them in a cohesive and easy-to understand way for you to derive your business insights and decisions from.

    • Reports and Dashboards
    • Metrics and scorecards
    • Mobile BI
    • Budgeting, planning, and forecasting
Data Analytics and Visualisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • eCommerce & Marketing companies are engaged in an always-on struggle to improve their conversion rates on their properties and campaigns. A combination of factors not limited to experiential fatigue, evolution by competition, and changing expectations of visitors have to be addressed and correlated with technology and other environmental reasons to arrest any downward trends and generally keep nudging the conversion rates upward. This challenging requirement requires creative combination of Design Thinking principles with data science to keep you on top of your game.

    • Conversion Path Mapping
    • Metrics, Reports & Dashboards
    • Retention & Loyalty Management
Ecommerce Sales Funnel

Perpetuelle worked with NSI on a comprehensive website and blog redesign and re launch, as well as a complex e-commerce implementation and a Facebook app. In all regards, could not have picked a better development partner than NSI.

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