Net Solutions approaches ecommerce and retail consultancy not just as an ecommerce development partner but also as a domain expert. This allows us to offer insight into all elements of your ecommerce processes, including strategy, design, engineering, analytics and more. From data security enhancement to advice on the best platforms for your sector, we can assist you in shaping the ideal online presence.


Our service can be divided into four main areas:

  • eCommerce Consulting

    Net Solutions eCommerce consulting helps create a holistic ecommerce strategy. From defining your omnichannel and multichannel strategy to assessing your digital touchpoints, we provide the insight you need to deliver a seamless experience for your customer, optimized at every step. Plus, with in-depth knowledge of all major online retail platforms, including Magento and Woocommerce, we can advise you on the right technology selection for you.

  • eCommerce Experience Design

    In the busy ecommerce market, your target customer is only a mouse-click away from the competition. A single bump in the buying process could quickly send them shopping elsewhere. Unlike some digital agencies that believe only in making each touch point as visually elegant as possible, we also ensure they are perfectly functional, guaranteeing the most positive customer experience of your brand.

    • Information Architecture
    • Interaction Design
    • Prototyping
    • User Testing
  • Building the eCommerce Platform

    Net Solutions will build a stellar platform to support your online sales, with the best technology available. Our team can tailor both B2C and B2B webstores, integrating with the right platforms and third party APIs. Major issues such as PCI compliance, data security and regional tax laws are all dealt with, while the right plugins are added to automate and simplify your regular online tasks.

  • Measure and Optimize

    Once your eCommerce solution is live, we ensure it runs at optimum level with continued consultancy, monitoring and advice. We'll work together with you to establish your KPIs and setup visual dashboards, so you can track how well the platform is performing, while constantly providing feedback using descriptive and predictive analytics that will let your platform evolve as required to optimize conversion rates.


  • eCommerce companies require more than off-the-peg selections of generic software. To ensure you truly excel, we'll advise on the ideal selection of platforms and plugins to suit your specific needs. We are experts in both Magento development and integration and Magento plugin development and integration.

Net Solutions built us a The Style Library using Magento that met our expectations. It scales beautifully across phones, tablets, laptops and desktops and manages our customers' sensitive financial information. We are very satisfied with the results.

Dale Sorenson
Dale Sorenson Director of Information Technology and Project Management,
The Style Library


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