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eCommerce Strategy

You want to surprise and delight your customers. So do we.

With two decades of experience building strategic, shopper-first digital commerce apps and platforms, we bring a wide range of talent to start this critical process off right, whether you're a B2B or B2C enterprise. It's not just about having the right tools — it's about using those tools to squeeze out every drop of value without disrupting what you're already doing right.

We understand all the elements that go into a successful ecommerce strategy, including branding, storytelling, amazing design, optimization of your back-office workflow, smart digital marketing and secure tech as well as constant site improvement and updates to keep everything flowing seamlessly. When all these elements start to resonate together, your efforts will generate results that simply keep on multiplying.

From UX experts to specialized ecommerce business analysts and technical architects, we provide results-driven, 360-degree strategy that’s robust, scalable and secure. Whether you need a simple site that lets you sell products smoothly or a complex storefront that dazzles your customers, we deliver personalized solutions that provide everything you need (and that don't waste time on what you don't).

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eCommerce Development graphic with iOS device | Net Solutions
eCommerce Development diagram with iOS devices | Net Solutions

Customized Digital Experiences

Style and substance go hand in hand in the fight to capture attention and cultivate consistent conversions. We can help you design a personalized user experience that creates customer engagement, drives revenue, enlarges your audience and nurtures brand loyalty — all while delivering the data you need to make your customers' experience even stronger.

We design, build and grow ecommerce platforms that deliver on your brand promises, focusing on the facilitation of intuitive, secure user interactions and smooth paths to purchase. And we’re here to make sure your solutions are completely scalable and seamlessly integrated with the rest of your business operations for ease of use on the front-facing end — and on your side as well.

Our highly experienced, certified developers are skilled at optimizing ready-made platforms like Magento or WooCommerce. Does your unique brand require creation of custom digital commerce experiences? Don’t worry — we do that, too. Every customer's journey is optimized so problems are handled rapidly and customers stay happy and fulfilled.

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Retail Experience Optimization

Today’s online shopper makes decisions in a micro-moment, which means that the goalposts for customer engagement and retention are constantly moving in new and hard-to-predict ways. We make sure you stay one step ahead with advanced data analytics delivered in realtime to intuitive dashboards, so you can easily anticipate shoppers’ changing needs for an always on-point digital commerce experience.

On the customer's end of the equation, we'll help them find what they're looking for quickly and easily, earning their brand loyalty with outstanding retail service and making sure they're satisfied.

Your customers want a smooth, no-hassle checkout experience — easy payment options, frictionless checkout, customer loyalty program tools — and we’re here to help you provide. Whatever the need may be, we help you connect your customers' experiences across their entire retail journey.

Whether you need to streamline your returns process, enable your customer-facing employees, modernize your digital shelves or optimize the relationship between your brick-and-mortar and online platforms, Net Solutions is here to get you on the right path.

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eCommerce Web Development strategic diagram | Net Solutions
Net Solutions strategic diagram with iOS device | eCommerce Development

Ongoing Improvements

eCommerce apps and platforms typically have many moving parts that carry the customer from initial contact through checkout. You're focused on creating new products and engaging with your customers — so who's going to deal with keeping your ecommerce site running at peak efficiency? When issues arise that affect your website or mobile app's usability (and your company's bottom line), who's going to keep your site going?

Our expert programmers have the expertise necessary to monitor and manage the health of your ecommerce solution, including regular code audits to breakthrough bottlenecks and maximize efficiencies. We handle everything from CRO audits and firewall updates to troubleshooting and implementation of customized solutions to amplify your brand's future growth.

We go well beyond simply fixing bugs to work hand-in-hand with you, ensuring that layout, coding, security management, traffic analytics, reports and store updates keep humming along with no break in operations so you can reach more customers and increase conversions.

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