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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process that helps to convert visitors into buying customers. We achieve it by optimizing the experience of the user's digital journey. User's behavioural data is studied to identify critical insights in context of business objectives and conversion opportunities.

The process eliminates guesswork by testing data-backed decisions using agile cycles of hypothesising, testing and optimisation- driving continuous growth for your business.

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation Process


Here's How We Work With You

CRO Kick off Check

We inspect if your analytics tool has been set up right. 90% of the cases the analytics configurations are faulty.

Behavioural Analysis & Research

We conduct a data-backed user research for behavioural analysis of the traffic. We understand who they are, what they want, what motivates them to visit your platform, what problems your platform solves for them, what are their pain points. We use methods like Heuristic Evaluation, Full Data Analysis, Snapshot Analysis, User Session Replay Videos and Competitive Analysis.

Creating Hypotheses Driven Prioritized Test Plan

Based on the data-informed insights, our team of data analysts and user experience designers will identify and map out solutions to each of the problems and will create an overall test plan prioritized as per your business needs solving most critical business problems first.

Solution Testing

Based on the selected hypotheses, we perform A/B testing or Multivariate testing. We run well defined time-bound tests to ensure reliable outcomes and to avoid any situational spikes in the numbers. Each test runs for a minimum period of 2 to 4 weeks.

Rinse & Repeat

Conversion optimization is an iterative process. Each test brings newer dimensions to light about user behaviour. Each test we conduct feeds into the next test, leading to better results in an incremental and iterative way.

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