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Building A Software Product to Increase Website Conversions And Sales

An early stage tech startup established in 2016, its main offering was an instant callback widget tool for handling lead generation on websites, which drew the desired traffic within a few months of launch.

However, the client felt that a new architecture was required to accommodate the rapidly growing customer base. This would also increase the conversion rate, therefore leading to sales calls.

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The Problem

The client developed a proof of concept (POC) for a lead generation platform, which garnered good response and a decent website traffic. With multiple clients signing up, the POC was not able to handle the increasing customer volume and their demands.

The client approached us given our expert pool of analysts and developers who were well adept in optimizing websites. Based on our discussion with the client, we identified the following issues:

  • Inability to handle traffic coming from clients’ customers. The platform must be made Scalable.
  • Poor load time for websites using widget services. The loading time of the widget needs to be minimized to not influence the loading time of the organization’s website even with the increasing influx of visitors.
  • Implement Quick Go Live to minimize losses arising due to performance issues in the POC.

The solution

Developed an Interactive Prototype

We built an Interactive Prototype of the widget for our client to visualize the real-time scenarios effectively before we began with the actual development process. Further, we also upgraded the entire Information Architecture for the new version of the widget.

Design Sprints

We used Design Sprints as a service and methodology to accomplish the task. Also, the process of Plan->Create->Test in every design sprint was being followed under an Agile backlog.

The result

Improved Conversion Rate

We helped improve the conversion rate for our client by providing an instant callback widget without affecting the website performance. The product keeps a track on website visitors and provides detail analytics to organizations to assist them in gauging the website traffic via desktop browsers, tablets, smartphones, call success and failure rates, among others.

Optimized Marketing Investment

The product enabled the client’s customers to not only analyze the number of visitors visiting the organizations’ website but also the source medium (device or browser) used to visit the website. This considerably helped managed the investments made in marketing.

The Result
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