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Increasing The
Productivity Of The
Sales Team

The client we worked with is a giant in the global construction industry, with more than 15,000 employees based in over 100 countries. It is a multinational company that develops, manufactures, and markets products for the construction, building maintenance, and mining industries, mainly to the professional end-user.

The Problem

The client came to us with a goal to consolidate their existing mobile apps meant for their sales team in order to increase their productivity.

The client already had a few apps and websites, which their internal teams were using. These apps were not connected to each other, and the users faced multiple issues while using them. The problems ranged from sporadic apps with low adoption rate to the way they were structured. This made them unproductive for the sales team to use.

They wanted a solution to merge all of the apps, which would help in improving productivity, app adoption, and revenues.

The Solution

For the improvement of our client's employee experience, we proposed to create an experience strategy to understand the existing ecosystems, interactions, touchpoints and journeys of their sales process.

The stakeholders were involved end-to-end during the entire process. We conducted field research both on-location and remotely. Then we co-created customer journey maps, followed by a service blueprint to show an ideal future state experience.

After understanding their specific needs, we created a solution in the form of a mobile app prototype, which was finalized after multiple rounds of user testing. The solution we created, covered not only the existing services but also included additional features for optimizing their sales process.

The Approach

  1. Stakeholder Interviews

    We conducted stakeholder interviews as both "in-person" and "remote" channels for collecting data from the sales teams.
  2. Stakeholder Map

    We used stakeholder maps to identify all stakeholders, internal teams, and the tools they were using in the sales process.
    Stakeholder Map
  3. Ethnography

    In our field trips, we used "Ethnography" as an approach for user research in order to better understand the way their sales teams worked. Based on this, we created Journey Maps for territory sales people who were based in different countries for specifically understanding their user journeys.
  4. Empathy Maps

    We used empathy maps as a pain-point understanding exercise with the sales teams.
    Empathy Maps

The Result

An Optimized Digital Strategy

The client got a solution, which not only solved their pain point of improving the sales productivity, but also received a more holistic and optimized digital strategy that helped them to see how their apps could be further combined together and optimized for customer journey. The ecosystem lens that we used, helped us in crafting the same.

A Scalable Digital Roadmap

The digital strategy that we delivered, helped them in defining a scalable roadmap that would act as a blueprint for them to develop their internal apps, and connect them together in a logical and productive manner.

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