Blackberry App Development

For well designed apps that play nice with all versions of Blackberry operating system

While Blackberry's usage has been decreasing in comparison to the big boys in the mobile operating system space it still boasts of millions of users and because of its security features there are a lot of enterprise who still rely on RIM.

Your Blackberry App Development Partner

  • Your business might come from them. Your company might have invested significantly in the devices and the infrastructure. You might have partnerships and contractual obligations to support these devices. In cases like these, you would want to give the best user experience possible. And this can't be possible without providing useful apps. Depending on your needs we can create Blackberry apps that leverages all the powerful features of the RIM platform. As with our other mobile app services we provide a complete solution- we will plan, code, ship and maintain the app as long as you want.

  • Our team has built different types of Blackberry apps including:

    • Productivity applications
    • Enterprise apps
    • E-commerce and micro payment apps
    • Custom solutions

My initial impression of the team at Net Solutions was the prompt response I got at every stage of the project. It felt like they were literally in the office round the corner. They are a highly organised and motivated team who gave appropriate advice all the way through. This was our initial venture into the growing apps market and the business knowledge and technical know-how of the team was apparent and aided the smooth development and deployment of our app.

 Oye Awojobi
Oye Awojobi Fernox, Cookson Electronics