UX Assessment

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0% Navigation
20% Search
40% Content &
60% Workflow, Efficiency &
80% Error Avoidance &
100% Privacy &

Answer the questions based on how the system is currently working, not how you want it to work.


  • Is the navigation presented clearly?

  • Does the navigation provide feedback on the current state of the system?

  • Does the navigation contain keywords that make it easy for users to find information and functionality that is relevant to their goals?

  • Do all interactive elements clearly communicate their interactivity?


  • Is the search box clearly visible (highly readable font size, box size, or above the fold) and available on all pages and consistently placed (e.g., placed in the same area)?

  • Does the search offers ability to search the complete site?

  • Is there an auto-suggest feature in search, which displays the context of results as users search?

  • Is there a filtering feature within search results that allows narrowing the results to find the required information easily?

Content and Formatting

  • Is content organized in way that is legible and scannable?

  • Does content feature contextual information that users need to complete their goal?

  • Is the use of language clear and consistent throughout the system?

  • Is content presented as a visual hierarchy?

Workflow, Efficiency and Control

  • Are there visible cues (e.g. call to action) that orient and direct users forward?

  • Is the user able to complete their goal in three steps or less?

  • Does the system keep users informed about what is going on? (i.e. loading time, processes running)

  • Are buttons placed close to the objects they control?

  • Is feedback provided when a task is completed?

Error Avoidence and Recovery

  • Does the system provide contextual help? (i.e. tool-tips and hints)

  • Are field labels clear and unambiguous?

  • Does the system indicate which fields are required and which are optional?

  • Are error messages clear and concise?

Privacy, Trust and Security

  • Does the system allow single sign-on (rather than multiple authentications)?

  • When re-authentication is required, does the system return the user to their previous place?

  • Does the system communicate scheduled outages and maintenance?

  • Does the system notify users of urgent or time-sensitive alerts outside of the application (i.e. e-mail or sms notifications?

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