Good User Experience (UX) is the key to attract and retain customers, leading to faster revenue growth, increased margins, and lower costs.

We understand the importance of good experience. That's why we have created a unique framework for assessing the quality of experience your customers have with your product or service. Our UX evaluation framework based on industry standard practices includes a heuristic evaluation that focuses on:


How well is the user interface presented? This includes layouts, grids, white space, graphical elements, typography, and color palettes.



What must users do to advance toward their goals? This includes in-page interactions (e.g., form interactions, controls, and response to users' input) and multi page interactions.


What value does the experience deliver? Does it match or exceed the resources users must invest? These resources include time, effort, data, and money. This is a broader assessment of the interface's ability to meet users' needs.

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The UX evaluation covers:

Measure the Health of Your Digital User Experience
  • Search and Navigation

  • Relevance of Content

  • Ease of Workflow

  • Error Avoidance and Recovery

  • Security, Credibility and Trust

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The UX assessment helps you identify problems in your UX and helps you understand the issues that impact the user experience of digital properties.

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